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Shipping to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

If you are searching for seamless overseas shipping to Puerto Rico that won’t break the bank, entrust your goods to USG Shipping. We offer both air freight shipping to Puerto Rico or container shipping to Puerto Rico, picking up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada. Rest assured, you will enjoy the safe delivery of your container to…

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Shipping to Jamaica


If you are faced with shipping a container or a package to Jamaica via air freight, USG Shipping is the one to count on. Enjoy the convenience and seamless process of our air freight shipping to Jamaica and container shipping to Jamaica. We can transport anything you need, from a single package to multi-container shipments. Shipping goods from the…

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Shipping to Dominican Republic from USA

Dominican Republic

Faced with shipping a container or a package to the Dominican Republic via air or ocean freight? USG Shipping provides you with the convenience and seamless process of our air freight shipping to the Dominican Republic and container shipping to the Dominican Republic. We can transport anything you need, from a single package to multi-container shipments. In fact, we can…

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Shipping to Caribbean


If either looking for a company offering the shipping service from the US to the Caribbean or like to know more about the process of shipping to the Caribbean, contact the USG team! Here at USG, we are the shipping magnet for this service. We pick up the cargo, handle all export paperwork, ship to any ports in the Caribbean…

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Shipping to Suriname from USA


Suriname is a small country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. It’s bordered by French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the west and Brazil to the south. For a small country, Suriname has a large port and is has frequent trade with the Caribbean nations. This makes shipping your freight to Suriname much more simple when…

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Shipping to Peru from USA

Peru Shipping

Do you need a rate for a container shipping to Peru? Need some information as far as rules and regulation on how to ship to Peru. Through our services, we make the process easy and hassle-free. We are USG Shipping and we are a trusted shipping line that can move anything from cars to household goods overseas to Peru…

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Shipping to Paraguay from USA


When you are searching for an international shipping company with previous experience on shipping to Paraguay, USG could be the place to call. USG has many years of experience and knowledge of handling the shipping to Paraguay and we will use this experience for your shipment.  You may have a car or truck to ship to Paraguay, we do it all!…

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Shipping to Guyana from USA


When it comes to shipping to Guyana, USG is an expert from the start to the end as we can offer door to door service! If you need to ship your car or other items to Guyana and would like to have a shipping rate to Guyana, you should send us an email or use our quote form request and   We will be…

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Shipping to Ecuador from USA

Shipping to Ecuador

Whenever you need a quote for international shipping to Ecuador, contact USG team and we will give you a quote! Whether you are ready to send commercial goods to Ecuador or you wish to move there to live with your family, lean on USG Shipping to make it all happen. We handle commercial goods, household goods, vehicles, containers and much more…

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Shipping to Colombia from USA


Shipping to Colombia is a stress-free process when you have a professional team like USG Shipping handling it! We make the process stress free so you can sit back and relax while we ship your car, household goods, containers or anything else from the USA or Canada to Colombia. USG Shipping offers the lowest rates around, plus we can…

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