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Shipping to Chile from USA


Shipping a container by ocean or air to Chile is an easy, hassle-free process when you partner with professionals like USG Shipping. From cars to household goods, we can pick up your items anywhere in the USA or Canada and get them to Chile. USG Shipping offers the lowest rates around; additionally, we can get your order processed FAST. For…

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Shipping to Bolivia from USA

Shipping to Bolivia from USA

Need to ship via ocean to Bolivia Or maybe you need to ship a package via air freight?  Whatever you need, USG Shipping has you covered with convenient air freight shipping and container shipping to Bolivia. We specialize in shipping goods from the US to Bolivia, exporting anything from packages to multi-container shipments.  The container with a destination in Bolivia will need…

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Shipping to Brazil from USA


If you are searching for seamless overseas shipping to Brazil that won’t break the bank, entrust your goods to USG Shipping. We offer both air freight shipping to Brazil or container shipping to Brazil, picking up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada. Rest assured, you will enjoy the safe delivery of your container to the specified destination…

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Shipping to Argentina from USA


When shipping overseas to Argentina from the USA or Canada, rely on the ability of USG Shipping as your premier provider of container shipments of all kinds and sizes. Whether you’re looking to send a package via air freight to Argentina or commercial goods via ocean freight, we can help. For a free quote, all we need is your…

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Shipping to Panama from USA


When there is a need for shipping to Panama the USG shipping is the first place to contact and ask for a quote!  Regardless if your cargo is in the East or West Coast of the US, our team will give the most exact quote within less than twenty-four hours. If you don’t like to waste extra time on…

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Shipping to Nicaragua from USA


Shipping to Nicaragua is not very challenging if you contact the experts with extended knowledge and ability on this domain. There are two main places of delivery in Nicaragua, either Managua or Corinto and here at USG, we offer shipping services to both of these locations.  The service is available on a weekly base and transit times are very short especially if shipped from the USA…

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Shipping to Honduras from USA


USG provides very unique shipping service to Honduras and that covers both USA East Coast and USA West Coast.  The service covers the inland transportation to the delivery of the container or pallet to any port in Honduras. With English and  Spanish-speaking agents available in our office, you have the guaranty that every detail clarified and explained before the…

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Shipping to Guatemala from US


When it comes to shipping to Guatemala, there are two possibilities for either shipping to Atlantic or Pacific Side and here at USG, we cover both sides. The rate for shipping to Guatemala depends on the service requested but as far as the destination,  regardless if you decide to ship to Quetzal or Guatemala City, USG is here to help and…

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Shipping to El Salvador from USA

El Salvador

Are you searching for a company with extended knowledge and experience on shipping to El Salvador? USG offers the low-cost for shipping to El Salvador? Here at USG, we are here to help in the process and make sure your cargo reaches El Salvador with the fastest and most reliable service. Our service includes the pick up from any locations…

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Shipping to Costa Rica from US


When it comes to shipping to Costa Rica the most important questions are about the import regulation and how to make sure that cargo gets cleared at Costa Rica’s Customs without any problem! Well, this is where USG’s experience can help, as we carry many years of experiences for shipping goods to Costa Rica. We are offering both ocean and air…

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