Shipping to Argentina from USA


When shipping overseas to Argentina from the USA or Canada, rely on the ability of USG Shipping as your premier provider of container shipments of all kinds and sizes. Whether you’re looking to send a package via air freight to Argentina or commercial goods via ocean freight, we can help. For a free quote, all we need is your pick-up place, destination and the type of goods you want to ship. Once we square away the details, we can pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada and send it to Argentina safely and efficiently. We are proud to be your go-to provider for shipping overseas to Argentina, responsible for exporting anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages to cars. Anytime you need air freight shipping to Argentina and container shipping to Argentina, count on our top-notch attention to detail and amazing pricing. Shipping ocean freight to Argentina from anywhere in the US is simple when you use a trusted and experienced shipper like USG. Let us load and ship your cargo to any destination in Argentina, with many shipping options available for your cargo-specific needs. Our team is happy to help you in finding which option is best for you. Ports in Argentina offer 20’ & 40’ Containers, Roll-On/Roll-Off (ro-ro), and more. USG offers transshipment from any port in Argentina to anywhere in the country. There are also many airports that serve the country. We offer great rates on air and ocean freight, from household goods to vehicles to commercial freight. Built on a foundation of fair prices and seamless transport, USG Shipping is the one to choose for FAST pricing. You will get a response from us within an hour or two on your request, so why not complete the quote form now?

Shipping container to Argentina: Before shipping a container to Argentina, you need to make sure that you have reviewed all the import regulation, customs duty when your container reaches Argentina. Within a few days after arrival, the container must get off-loaded and empty back to terminal avoiding heavy storage charges in Argentina. You can ship a car loaded into the container from the USA but due to complicated customs process for the car, we don’t recommend that unless you have a pre-approval.  To calculate the shipping cost to Argentina for a container we need to know the exact zip code of the origin, size of the container, commodity, and few other factors. If you ship your car loaded into the container it will need for the Customs to confirm the export by stamping the title.  The cost of shipping to Argentina if loaded into the container is cheaper from East Coast than West Coast!

Shipping by air to  Argentina: We are shipping by Air to every major International Airports in Argentina, we offer door to door shipment or door to the airport. We can ship your time-sensitive items, from small boxes to vehicles via air. We can offer great rates for all your shipments to Argentina. Please feel free to contact our Bi-lingual representatives at USG Shipping as they are always here to help you with your shipping solution needs. For all commercial shipments you need to have the following documents at the destination for the customs clearance: Commercial Invoice, Packing and for some products you may need the Certificate of origin. Checking all the import regulation with Argentina Customs prior to the shipping will help you to save time and money at the arrival. The cheapest option for air freight if the shipment is over 250 kg is being known shipper and out of Miami, Florida!

Shipping Personal goods to Argentina: We ship to Argentina using our service contract with the ocean lines, not middle companies. For shipping your household items to Argentina, we need to make sure if you will be taking care of the packing and loading of the container or if you need that. For the customs clearance of Household Goods and personal effects, you need to prepare a list with the number of pieces indicating the cargo inside with the approximate value. When shipping from the US the document must be ready in advance because of the short transit time.

Shipping to Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Argentina, a country in the southern half of South America, borders Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, the South Atlantic Ocean, and the Drake Passage. This makes both air and ocean freight shipping possible. Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world and the largest Spanish-speaking nation. Buenos Aires is the capital. The capital of Argentina and the main place of entry for import and export where most of the shipment either ocean or air land. We have a daily flight from most the airports in the US to Buenos Aires and weekly departure from the US Port to Buenos Aires. The cheapest way to ship your furniture to Buenos Aires if more than 300 cubic feet is the 20 footer container but if the shipment is less than 200 cubic feet you can use the consolidation service from the USA to Argentina.

 The shipping rate to Argentina from the USA:

Houston to Buenos Aires:

20 Footer: $1650

40 Footer: $1985

Need to know how much is the cost of your shipment; Our team can get you low rates on your air freight and ocean freight cargo. Simply give us the weight and dimensions of the cargo with the zip code in the U.S. and your postcode in Argentina.

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