Shipping to Brazil from USA

Shipping to Brazil from USA

If you are searching for seamless overseas shipping to Brazil that won’t break the bank, entrust your goods to USG Shipping. We offer both air freight shipping to Brazil or container shipping to Brazil, picking up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada. Rest assured, you will enjoy the safe delivery of your container to the specified destination within a timely manner. To receive a quote on your container shipments of all types and sizes, including household goods and vehicles, you will need to provide information such as:

  • Pick-up location in USA or Canada
  • Type of goods you are shipping
  • Final destination

This is the easiest way to generate a quick estimate for you in regards to all your overseas shipping needs. Let us be your first choice when you need a shipment of anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages. Enjoy unparalleled service, great rates, and friendly staff every time. Begin your journey now and fill out our short quote form for speedy pricing, with a response from us in under an hour.

Shipping container to Brazil

We proudly offer ocean freight to Brazil at all main ports and harbors. Let our team assist you in getting a low quote on your shipment. We offer many different types of shipments, such as bulk carrier, consolidation, container, and Roll on/Roll off (RoRo), vehicle carriers, with both 20’ and 40’ containers available for commercial and personal effects.

If you are facing a move to Brazil, lean on USG to ship your car and household goods, transporting your cargo from anywhere in the US to your final destination within Brazil.

Shipping by air to Brazil 

Air freight to Brazil is ideal for all time-sensitive cargo. We will pick up your cargo from your door in the US and deliver it to your door in Brazil in just 10 to 15 days. We also provide an express option available for three- to five-day international deliveries. Contact us for a quote on air freight to Brazil. We will need the dimensions, weight, zip code pick-up in the US, and postcode in Brazil, and we can have your quote within 10 minutes.

Contact our team directly for the ocean and air quotes for your freight to Brazil!

Are you moving back to Brazil? We have a complete guide of the steps to follow to make your return an easy experience, if do you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. You need to contact the Embassy of Brazil in Washington DC for other information about importing your goods to Brazil.


About Brazil

Brazil, the largest country in South America and Latin America, is home to more than 208 million people. It’s the world’s fifth-largest country and sixth most populous and enjoys its status as one of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations on the planet.

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