Air Freight Shipping Overseas

Do you need an international shipping rate? Do you need an Air Freight Shipping Overseas? Regardless of the volume, weight, and type of commodity, we can provide you with a very accurate rate within 24 hours.

We can transport your cargo by Air to all the major Airports in the USA or Canada to any International Airports in the World from Us or Canada. Our service includes pick up, Air freight to the nearest Airport and even door delivery to your destination.

USG is also specialized in Shipping Cars by Air and our service covers any International Airports in the World. We offer Air Freight for shipping boxes of your household goods. For the Air freight Shipping Overseas request, please remember when you are cars and laptops are considered as a dangerous good.

The air freight rate is based on the chargeable weight of the shipment. To find the chartable weight of your shipment, you should use the following concept;
– What is the actual weight of the cargo in Kg
– What is the volume/weight of the cargo
Volume/Weight= LxHxW (inches) / 366
The highest number between these two items is the chargeable weight of your cargo.

Air Freight Shipping
Air cargo service

USG Shipping Line Air cargo service

It is as good with handling all your air freight requirements as it is with handling other shipping services. Reputed for offering excellent services at extremely reasonable costs, the company offers comprehensive air freight services with the utmost efficiency. Services include automobile shipping, airport to airport service, airport to door service, door to airport service and door to door service. The company takes care of all shipping essentials such as pick up if required, packing, crating, marking, labeling, stacking and unloading. Warehousing facility is also provided as per the necessity of the customer.

The USG Shipping Company offers shipping insurance on all air cargo. Insurance plans are offered in collaboration with reputed insurance companies of America. In addition, the company takes care of arranging House Air Way-bill, Export Declaration, Certificate of Origin and various other documents required for customs clearance.

When you use USG Air cargo service, you can be assured of utmost safety for goods, timely delivery, and lower costs. If you compare the average cost of shipment through airways from the many existing air shipping services, you can notice that the fees levied by USG are indeed very cost-effective. In order to make the service more affordable for customers, the company offers a cargo consolidation service, which brings down the overall shipping cost substantially.

We offer Air freight services to more than 1500 Airports in the World.

USG Shipping Air Freight Terms and Conditions:

By contacting US General Shipping for our Air Freight Service you are confirming that:

– You are aware of all the TSA regulations.

– Your Shipment is not prohibited by the US Government for Export.

– You will remit the Full Freight Payment prior to departure, otherwise you will be fully responsible for all the storage charges caused by the delay at the Airport.

– You are giving the Full Permission to US General Shipping to hire the third party to pick up, Transport and handle your cargo.

– The schedules are not confirmed and subject to change, and that is always is subject to space approval.

USG Shipping Air Freight Main Destination:

Air Freight to the Middle East
Air Freight to Africa
Air Freight to Europe
Air Freight to Australia
Air Freight to New Zealand

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