Shipping to Australia from the USA


USG offers the most cost-effective way options for shipping to Australia from the USA. Whenever you have a package, classic car, commercial or personal items and need a shipping rate to Australia, USG is the first place to reach to.  Our team members dedicated to answering any questions that you may have about your freight and we will make sure that your shipment does not leave the US or Canada unless you have the answers to all of your questions. As one of the US-based shipping companies, we guaranty the most transparency in our services.

The United States of America is the second largest exporter to Australia after China. Australia is one of the major importers of cars and Truck and all kinds of Machinery Equipment. Here at USG Shipping, we offer shipping services for all these products and other types of commercial items from the USA and Canada to Australia. We are an Australian Government Approved Company registered in Australia and able to offer a full door to door service for shipping to Australia. We always recommend that you collect as much as possible information from the Australian Embassy in Washington DC prior to making the booking. The transit time from the US for Ocean freight is about 35 days from the west coast.  The sea freight from the US to Australia is the cheapest method of shipping between the two countries!
We also offer shipping services for your personal goods from any place in the USA or Canada to Australia. Regardless of the volume or weight of the cargo, we have all types of shipping solutions including door to door, door to port and port to port.  USG Shipping Line is offering roll on roll off, containerized, Air freight and consolidation to all the places cited above and the cost to ship from the US depends on the type of cargo, items, volume and mode of shipment.

Shipping Container to Australia

As always the best thing is checking all the regulation for importing goods to Australia by contacting the Australia Customs and Border Protection. We have a dedicated agent in Australia who will be helping you on the process so if you live in Australia or need the door to door service.  The cheapest rates are not always the longest transit time when it comes for a shipment to Australia from the USA.  If the container gets shipped from the US, the empty container gets delivered to any place where you or your supplier can load it before our trucker takes it back to the nearest port or ramp in the US!

Shipping car

Australia one of the largest importer of Classic Cars in the world. USG Shipping has special Autos Rates from USA West Coast to all the major ports in Australia. We can ship your car loaded in the 20 or 40 footers (if multiple cars). We also offer roll on roll off service to Brisbane from USA West Coast. The container option is better for shipping cars to Australia.  The roll on roll off service is on a weekly basis from Los Angeles.   The ro-ro service from the USA is not only from Los Angeles and the same service is available from other ports in the US. There is no year restriction for importing classic cars to Australia.  We ship multiple cars as well as a single car in a container however for a single car the 20 footer container is good enough!  The cheapest rate for shipping car to Australia is via ro-ro :

– Cost of shipping a car  to Australia from USA: $1695 ( ro-ro)

Harley Davidson is a very popular brand in Australia! American bikes are getting shipped to Australia since 1940.  If you are a US supplier and shipping bikes to Australia constantly we could have few bikes held at our dock and ship them all together in a container to save you money!  If bikes are smaller they get loaded on the top of each other in the container with proper stuffing. For shipping bikes or cars, presenting the original title is mandatory US Customs approval.

Here at USG, we offer very competitive rates for shipping Boats to Australia. Depending on the size and type of the Boat and Trailer we will let you know if they fit in the container or you should use another mode of shipping like  Roll on Roll off. The transit time from the US to Australia for break bulk or roll on roll off vessels will depend on the port of Origin. There is ro-ro shipment to Australia from California, New Jersey, Jacksonville in Florida and Baltimore.  To give a quote for  Shipping from the USA, we will need the exact dimensions of the boat on a trailer or cradle. The rate for ro-ro varies from $60/cbm to $120/cbm .  The cradle gets built at the dock or loading port if you decide to not ship the boat with the trailer! 

Air freight

USG offers air freight shipping to all the International Airports in Australia. Our Air Freight services include; Pick up of the cargo from you or your supplier door, wooden-crating or packing ( if required), Airport delivery and Air Freight to the nearest International Airport to your destination. For commercial items, we can also handle customs clearance and door delivery.  You can have hazardous items packed with other items when shipping things to Australia! Please see below some of the International Airports in Australia where Airlines from America offer  air cargo: 

– Canberra International Airport

– Darwin International Airport

– Hobart International Airport

– Broome International Airport

We are offering Air Freight to Australia using Passenger or Freighter Airplanes, We also offer Express service with our discounted DHL contract. We have a lower rate in our express service but remember you are not allowed to ship some items to Australia if you are shipping your items using our DHL Service. Usually, the delivery time for the door to door shipment to Australia is about 3 to 7 days.  We ship all kind of items via air to Australia as long as they are not prohibited by TSA!  The shipping rate to Australia for air freight depends on the total weight and volume of the cargo and varies between $1.95 to $4.95/kg.

Shipping boxes

USG is one of the few shipping companies offering door to door delivery boxes to Australia! When you have few boxes to ship to Australia, a full container is not the cheapest Sea Freight option! The cheapest way to ship boxes is either Sea Freight consolidation. In such a case, your boxes get palletized and shipped along with other customer goods to Australia.  There is no need to deliver the boxes to our main site and you can have them delivered to one of our many terminals in the US or ask for our pick up service.  The cost for shipping boxes to any receiving terminals in Australia via sea freight:

– Less than 50 cubic feet :$495

– 50 cubic feet to 100 cubic feet :$7.95/cubic feet

– 100 cubic feet and more: $6.95/cubic feet

Sea freight shipping of personal items

The country of Australia is a major mainland of the Australian continent. It is the world’s sixth largest country. The neighboring countries are Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and New Zealand. Australia is one of the largest importers of Machinery, Mining Equipment, Vehicles and exporter of Meat and other food supplements.  You are getting a job or have other reasons for moving to a city in Australia and instead of purchasing new items there, you would like to ship all your items regardless if they are large or small! For doing so, you will need to hire a reliable shipping company who can handle that from the origin in the US all the way to the port of arrival or your door in Australia. There are some items recommended to not ship them to Australia like dairy products, live plants, seeds and nuts, meat products if not canned, any items containing CFCs and of course any type of weapons. 

Shipping to Melbourne: Need a shipping rate to Melbourne, Australia?  Melbourne is the capital and most populous in the Australian state of Victoria which is the second population in Australia. The Port of Melbourne is Australia’s busiest port for general cargo and it’s in the heart of Melbourne and covers an area at the mouth of Yarra River, downstream of Bolte Bridge which is at the head of Port Phillip as well as several piers on the bay itself. Port of Melbourne Corporation handles the operation the port for the past 18 years!  The largest part of the port is in the suburb of West Melbourne and such could be confusing with the Melbourne suburb of Port Melbourne although Webb Dock and Station Pier, parts of Port of Melbourne are in Port Melbourne.

Shipping to Brisbane, Australia: If you have an inquiry for a shipping rate to Brisbane, you must contact USG team! We offer daily shipping service with a different transit time to Brisbane from all US major ports! Obviously,  the rate and service depend on the details of your need and once we know what is your expectation,  USG team offer you the rate hopefully the cheapest one! The port of Brisbane is a part of the Australia Trade Coast, the country’s fastest-growing economic development area.  Commercially, the area has attracted a variety of companies from throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Shipping to Sydney: Shipping to Sydney, Australia could become an easy process when you work with the USG team for that. From A to Z, USG provides a dedicated service covering all kind of shipping services to Sydney from air, ocean and ro-ro service.

By far, Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia; so shipping to Sydney but that does not mean the shipping cost will be higher than other cities.  usually, no delay occurs when Shipping to Sydney because usually the weather is perfect and ports operation rarely stops due to strikes or other reasons.
The headquarters for companies who are shipping to Sydney are in  Central Business District which is now connected to the business district of northern Sydney by the harbor bridge. In addition, shipping to Sydney is more than 25% of all shipments to Australia.


Beside the port mentioned, we offer very low-cost shipping to :


Perth (Fremantle)

Please send your inquiry for international shipping rate to Australia! 

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