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With many years of accumulated experiences, USG Shipping is the solution for all your international shipping need. USG is one of the top International Shipping Companies in the US offering the most competitive rates for international container shipping and other modes of international transportation. When it comes to loading, USG offers warehousing services in NJ, NY, FL, TX, and CA. We have contracts with the carriers that covers all the International Ports and Airports. The customers’ satisfaction is very important for us. We can ship any cargo via Ocean from any ports in the USA or Canada to any port in the World. Our services include international shipping containers and roll on roll off and break-bulk transportation. We can ship your cargo regardless of the size, type, and place of it via Ocean to all the international ports. Due to the local agents, there is a possibility for USG to deliver the container to the door at any international destination. Our international shipping rates are lower than most of the competitions. When shipping containers by seas, we make sure to offer the container that matching with the volume and type of your cargo. USA regulation does not allow you to ship your cargo by sea within the 48 states but there is no issue to ship by sea to any other places in the world.

USG can transport your cargo using Rails (CSXBNSF) from East Coast to West Coast or the other way around. We also use rail transport for all the international landlocked countries all around the world. With our inland transportation system, we can move your cargo from any locations in the USA. Our service includes pick up of your items and delivery to the destination within the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Cargo Insurance: Our cargo insurance offers you a full to FPA coverage for your shipment. Our shipping services are not limited to the Ocean or Air Freight as we also offer domestic services.

Do you need to ship your car internationally and need a rate for that? Please contact us with the details of your inquiry, type of car or cars, origin and international destination and we will quote you based on the best available options. As one of the top international shipping companies, we offer all the solutions for you shipping your cars with the lowest cost possible. The USA is one of the largest car exporters in the world and USG Shipping specialized in international car shipping. USG is very well-known for everyone in needs of Shipping Car from the USA. As one of the tops “International car shipping companies” USG can offer you the best solution for shipping your car internationally. International car shipping is one of our valuable services. Ship a car internationally is not a complicated task one being handled by a federal maritime licensed and bonded company. Rates for shipping cars internationally varies from one place to others. As always, the mode of shipment plays an important role in the rate chart.
Are you looking for an international shipping company in the USA?  Here we are, a specialized international shipping company dedicated to providing you the service that you are looking for. With agents in more than 60 different countries around the world, USG Shipping Line is able to offer you the service that you need.

We are offering to ship  international via ocean, air, rail, and trucking:

– Shipping services by Sea from the USA

– Shipping Services by Air from the USA

Who is involved in an International Shipment?

  1. The Actual Shipper: This is the person who is doing the shipment.  The shipper also can call exporter who is the person is shipping goods from the country of origin to overseas.
  2. The International Shipping Company (NVOCC or Freight Forwarder): The company who will handle the shipment on your behalf which must be fully licensed and bonded.
  3. The Carrier: This is the real carrier who handled physically the shipment. The NVOCC or Freight Forwarding company will book cargo the carrier in your behalf and follow all the process.
  4. The Consolidator: If the volume of the shipment is less than a container the Freight Forwarder may use another large NVOCC for consolidation
  5. The Port of loading: This is the port where container being loaded to the vessel
  6. The Trucker: This is the company who handles the inland transportation from Origin to the port of loading
  7. The Port of Destination: This is where the shipment gets unloaded from the vessel.
  8. The Customs Bonded Warehouse: For less than container consignee needs to pick up the cargo from a Bonded warehouse.
  9. The Destination Agent: This is the company who hand the destination document and delivery order to the consignee.
  10. The Customs Broker: A Customs broker is the agent who is clearing the customs



With many years of experiences in International Shipping, USG is here to help you move your cargo safely. Any time you are planning to move or ship your cargo, contact us and speak with one of our representatives. Our agents will guide you with the process of shipping from the beginning to the end.

There is a formula which guides us to find the lowest rates for your shipping needs. In the logistics and shipping industry, transportation by the ocean is cheaper than transportation by rail and rail one is cheaper trucking. Our concept is to use this concept in order to locate the cheapest and safest transit for your shipment

Here at USG Shipping Line, We offer shipping service from the following ports in the United States to all the major ports in the world.   We offer a service from all the cities in the US. USG Shipping Line also offers shipping services from the major ramp (Train Station) in the United States and can connect your shipment to any one of the ports either in the west or east coast.

You can use our U.S. address as a shipping point if you are customers living abroad who wish to purchase U.S. merchandise. Once your purchase is complete, we can move the items to any country of choice.

Once the purchasing is finished, we have a shortened process of handling and shipping your products including taking care of any documentation, from commercial invoice to consulate-stamped certificates of origin. Our international shipping services are a one-stop-shop for all your needs.  In addition to shipping, freight, and courier services, we offer a vast range of supplemental services in the United States for wooden-crating, packing, storage, cargo insurance, and export documentation.

Please see below the categorized International Shipping Rates provided by USG Shipping:
– International Cargo Shipping Rates  
– International Ocean Shipping Rates 
– International Container Shipping Rates 
– International Air Cargo Shipping Rates 
– International Shipping Rates by Sea 
– International LCL Shipping Rates

Our dedicated staff manages large international shipments of consistent volume from various manufacturers and suppliers across the states. Our intermodal and international transportation network covers even the most remote location in the USA to make sure you’re never without an option. We offer complete international FCL door to door moves for various commodities, such as food items, auto parts, medical equipment, petrochemicals, machinery, and general store door merchandiser.

To complement our international FCL ocean service, we also offer international LCL services for business accounts who have small pallets or skids that are not big enough to fill a full container; thus, we move it by our dedicated weekly international LCL service. In addition to our containerized international ocean freight services, we offer breakbulk, project cargo, and large-scale move for governments, enterprises, and various businesses. If your products and commodities cannot fit in a container, we can move it via break bulk, flat rack, or roll on roll off service.

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