Shipping to New Zealand from USA

Maybe it’s time for you to ship a container or car to New Zealand, and you are looking for a rate on shipping to New Zealand from the USA, in such case, you should speak to the USG team. Specialized and expert in handling any type of shipment to New Zealand, we make sure that your items reach the destination within your expected time. Our shipping service to NZ includes Air or Ocean, and that could be expedited door to door service. With a team of expert in the shipping industry, the USG team members handling your cargo to New Zealand with transparency and make sure to answer all your questions related to the shipping and customs before jumping to a confirmation. Let’s make sure your shipment when reaches to the Port or Airport in New Zealand do not meet any difficulty for clearance before giving us a go on the pickup! We can ship your commercial cargo, classic cars, bikes, boats, and household goods via Air or Ocean to all the major cities in New Zealand. We offer Ocean Freight services to New Zealand. USG can also ship both 20 and 40 footer containers or less than the container to New Zealand from anywhere in the US. Customers can either load the containers on their own, or, they can assign us to do the loading for them. The Container will leave from the US to NZ within Seven days from the day of loading. Please contact a member of our team for the cheapest way to ship to New Zealand.

Shipping a car to New Zealand 

When shipping a car to New Zealand the ro-ro and container options are available. The ro-ro shipping to NZ is available from a few ports in the US when a container moves handled from all the ports in the US to all the ports in New Zealand. If a car being shipped via ro-ro no other stuff shall be loaded inside and if you like sending goods to New Zealand inside the car the only option is booking a container. There is not a year or model restriction for US cars in New Zealand however keep in mind that does not mean you should ship any car to NZ since you may meet difficulty for finding parts and accessories.

Shipping container to New Zealand from the US 
There are a few different types of Ocean Freight to New Zealand. The most common one, containerized shipping if you need a full 20, 40-footer container. The type of containers could be regular, high cube, refrigerated or flat rack and here at USG we can offer whichever is the most convenient for your cargo. Shipping to New Zealand is an easy challenge once you are very well aware of all the import regulations in advance. The ports in NZ are rarely congested and that helps for the clearance process become faster. Ports in New Zealand can handle all kind of containers from 20, 40 regulars to refrigerated, open-top and flat rack. We book the container according to the type of cargo. The process of shipping a container to New Zealand starts with finding the logistics needs for moving the cargo, getting a quote and analyzing the cost of clearance and delivery in NZ. If all make sense, we can go ahead with the booking and shipping of the container. We offer to ship to the Dunedin, LyttletonTauranga, and Wellington. You will get a better rate for shipping multiple containers to New Zealand at the same time!

Air freight to New Zealand
With flights in a daily base for the known shipper and every 2 days for unknown, USG has some of the most discounted air freight rates for NZ. Once the rate confirmed,  we will pick up the items from your door and deliver to any international airport in NZ.   In order to have a quote, you need to have the type of commodity, the pickup zip code, volume, weight, and dimensions and give us the last delivery address in NZ or the nearest airport. Airfreight shipment could be delivered to any international airports in NZ! USG Shipping Line offers air cargo service to all the main airports in New Zealand. We can pick up your cargo from any locations in the US and ship them to the nearest airports or to your destination in New Zealand which could be a door-to-door service. Get a quote today on your air freight simply by providing the weight & dimensions of the cargo, and your zip code in the US and your postcode in New Zealand. We will give you a low quote on your shipment to New Zealand. In a daily bases, USG offer air freight to the AKL, Wellington Airport, the Christchurch Airport or CHC, the Queens town Airport or the Dunedin Airport. If you only ship a few boxes, we offer courier service and can offer door to door service with a 75% discounted rate. To ship to New Zealand via air and if the shipper is known for TSA the New Zealand Airline offers direct flight.

Shipping boxes to New Zealand

USG offers the cheapest rate for shipping boxes to NZ and that is due to our extended courier service. When it comes to one or a few boxes, the service required is the express service which handles the transaction with the lowest cost possible. The service is either door to door or door to the airport! When shipping to NZ by air keep mind the items below could get held at Customs so better to not have these items in the boxes! For large cargo not fitting in the boxes wooden-crate is the convenient option, and we can give such in California and Texas. Courier service is not necessarily cheap but it’s totally a hassle-free option.

Shipping to Auckland 

You may need a shipping rate or service to Port of Auckland so make sure to give us a call or send us an email with the details of your inquiry! The Port of Auckland on the north side of New Zealand, this is the country’s largest port and city. Auckland is the economic center of New Zealand because it’s home to many large international corporations and business service companies. Port of Auckland has direct access to rail transportation and their main international airport for easy transshipment to anywhere in New Zealand. See some shipping rates to Auckland:

-20ft from Los Angeles or Oakland, California (port): $1985

-40ft from Los Angeles or Oakland (port): $2685

Auckland’s port handles around 60% of all New Zealand’s imports and 50% of the North Island’s container imports. This vast port handles around 4 million tons of cargo a year, this port is capable of handling the traffic due to their modern and new equipment to handle containers. All cargo (personal, commercial, and vehicles) must pass through the decontamination facility and complies with import regulations in New Zealand. The port of Auckland is a very large container and an international trade port that is able to handle different types of cargo. Auckland offers 20’ & 40’ containers, Roll on/Roll Off and wide loads. Our team at USG can help you in shipping your freight to Auckland and help you which best suits your cargo needs. We offer both ocean freight to the Port of Auckland or Air Fright to Auckland’s international airport. We can gladly give you a great low quote to Auckland. Transit time from the USA to Auckland if the container departs from West Coast is 26 to 48 days depending on the carrier.

Import Regulation to NZ

New Zealand is a beautiful island in the southwestern of the Pacific Ocean. Located near the islands of Fiji, New Caledonia, and Tonga. It is the second-largest in the Pacific Ocean as far as size and population after Australia. A Country highly ranked as far as the quality of life, personal and economic freedom, education, transparency and many other items measured in human development. The country has a very independent economy mainly in Agriculture, and almost 60% of the export from New Zealand are food-related items. The US is the third economy partner of New Zealand after China and Australia with a share of 11% in both import and export. Main commodities shipping from the US to New Zealand are machinery, vehicle and medical device and USA is mainly importing food items from New Zealand. With a fully transparent website the New Zealand Customs Service answer to most of your questions related to the import regulation. Please make sure to visit them at the New Zealand Customs Service.
Food items are mostly restricted and can’t be imported into NZ. Some other items need pre-approval. Please always make sure that you have done all the research and fully aware of the regulation before shipping to New Zealand.

You qualify for importing your good  to NZ free of duty if:

  • Installing for the first time in the country and have the residency permit
  • Must be a resident in NZ at the time of arrival
  • You were living outside NZ for at least 22 months
  • The goods were purchased by you and are used
  • The items are for personal use and no sales purpose

You are prohibited to ship the items  listed below to New Zealand

  • Food Items for human or animal
  • Alcoholic drink and Vinegar
  • Metal base items
  • Ammunition (Subject to the fine by the US and New Zealand Customs)
  • Live animal
  • Vegetable


Some Reference Rates for shipping to New Zealand from US to end of May 2020:

Port of departure Port of Arrival Container Size Transit Time Rate for shipping
Long Beach Auckland 20 32 $1595
New York Auckland 40 49 $2095
Miami Auckland 40 52 $2195


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