Shipping to Middle East

Shipping to Middle East

 Shipping to Middle East 

USG offer Ocean Freight shipping services to the Middle East. We can ship both 20ft & 40ft Containers or your LCL Cargo to the Middle East from anywhere in the US. Customers can either load the containers on their own, or alternatively, they can assign us to do the loading for them. The Container loading fee will be charged depending on the amount of Cargo to be loaded. The Container will depart from the US within 7 days from the day of loading. Please contact a member of our team for rates to the Middle East. We are not a just Middle East Freight Forwarder, as USG also provide car shipping   to the Middle East. So if you are moving to the Middle East or trying to ship your commercial cargo please send us your request and we will make sure to quote you at the earliest.
With Multiple agencies, the USG Shipping Line offers the most extended logistics services in the Middle East. Upon your request, our agents in the Middle East can help you with the customs clearance of your cargo. We offer shipping service for Military, Diplomatic, Project Cargo and all the types of the commodity. Contact us, as our team will gladly provide you with a low rate quote for your cargo in the Middle East. Shipping Services to the Middle East is one of our top services and we have Arabic speaking customers services to help you on your shipping process.

Middle East Market is one of the largest for American cars. There is much demand for car shipping to the Middle East and that is why USG is looking to be the leader of the Middle East Freight Forwarders. Dubai has the largest demand for the used Cars however Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar are also after the American cars. We have special Autos rates to the Middle East, and you can find them on our countries’ page. To have more information please contact the US Customs and Border Protection.
USG is specialized on relocating and shipping service from the USA to the Middle East. Please contact us and we make sure to offer a hassle-free service for your shipping needs. For smaller shipment, you can send them by Air From US.
Shipping cars to the Middle East:  Both ro-ro and container options for shipping cars are available. We even ship cars by Air to the Middle East.

See below the list of countries in Middle East :


Shipping to US Army bases in the Middle East:

USG has expertise and knowledge to ship, handle the customs clearance and arrange the door delivery to all the US Army and Navy bases in the Middle East. With military shipment since they are Tax Exempt cargo, it is important to have all the approval prior of departure to avoid long delay and heavy storage charges .

Shipping by Air to Middle East :

USG Shipping Line offers Air freight service to all the majors’ Airports in the Middle East. Most of the Middle Eastern Countries build up the very modern Airports. Some of the Arabic countries own few international Airlines. There is expertise required for Middle East Air Cargo and USG is proud to be one of the best for Air Shipping to the Middle East. We are not only providing Air Freight to the Middle East from the USA as we are also dedicated to providing the same services from Canada.

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