Shipping to Oman from USA

Shipping to Oman from USA

The Sultanate of Oman is a Middle Eastern Country bordered by Saudi Arabia on the West, the United Arab Emirate Unis to the Northwest and Yemen on the Southwest. It also shares strategic marine borders with Pakistan and Iran.

Oman’s strategic location with the Straits of Hormuz in the north and the Arabian Sea in the east, and a coastline that stretches 1,700 kilometers makes it a vital trading center in the Middle East. As a seafaring nation, Oman was popular as a trading hub in the 19th century and before.

We are working closely with few oil companies and provide them shipping services for all their equipment to Oman. You can use our service for shipping any type of cargo destination Oman. Finding a cheap Shipping rates to Oman should not be your only challenge as you also need to consider your Freight Forwarder expertise. To provide you a rate for Shipping Container to Oman , we need to have the origin of your shipment in the US and the Port of entry in Oman along with the size of the container and the commodity of the cargo. Beside Shipping to Oman from USA, USG also offer Freight Services to Oman from Canada. Cargo freight to Oman is one of the USG's top services. For any question as far as duty , you can contact the Sultanate of Oman's Customs and Police.

Our Ocean Freight to Oman includes all the ports of entries. USG shipping Line offers shipping to Oman from US to the following Ports:

Shipping to Sultan Qaboos ( Muscat) :

At this time, most of the carriers no longer provide freight to Muscat and they have replaced that with Sohar.

Port Khasab

Shipping to Port Mina ( Salaleh):

It is mostly used for Cars and Heavy Equipment and here at USG we have special Auto rates to Salaleh

Shipping to Sohar

Port Sohar is the busiest port in Oman since Muscat no longer accept Ocean Freight and all the terminals moved to Port Sohar.

Shipping Cars to Oman:

Here at USG , we have some specials Auto rates to Oman.Please see below our containerized service to Salalah.

-Shipping 4 cars from Long Beach to Salalah: $3200.00

-Shipping 4 cars from Houston to Salalah: $3400.00

Shipping 4 Cars from Miami to Salalah: $3200.00

Shipping 4 Cars from Newark to Salalah: $3200.00

Air Freight to Oman

For shipping by Air to Oman, we will be using the The international Airport in Muscat . Seeb International Airport or Muscat International( IATA: MCT ) Airport is the largest Airport in Oman. The Airport is located 20 miles away. With the construction of new terminal the Airport will have the capacity of over 20 million passengers. We can book your shipment with one of the available Airline with a daily flight schedules.

USG Shipping Line offers Airfreight service to Muscat International Airport. We will pick up your cargo from any location in the US or Canada and ship them by Air to Muscat. USG have some special services for Air Freight to Muscat for some of the commodity related to Oil Industry.

Cargo to Oman

To ship to Oman, you need to start the process by choosing the mode of the shipment. It is important to select the nearest port to your final destination if you are looking to ship your cargo to Oman via Ocean. Port of Salaleh is mostly used for transshipment to other countries but port of Sohar is mainly for the local importers. For shipping to Oman from US or Canada, please contact us at 310-326-2200.

Shipping to US Army Bases in Oman:

Our company is specialized on offering delivery services to the US Army bases in Oman. Thumrait Air base is a military base located in the town of Thumrait in Dhofar Governate in Oman. The USAF is a major current of Thumrait Air base. For Ocean Shipping we need the Salaleh port unless the cargo needs to be shipped via Roll on Roll off service.