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Shipping to Beirut Lebanon

The Port of Beirut is the main port of entry in Lebanon located on Mediterranean side of the city of Beirut. It is one of the largest and busiest ports on East Mediterranean. With many years of experiences, USG Shipping Line can ship your cargo either by Air or Ocean to Beirut. For the Ocean Freight we offer both…

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Shipping to Jeddah


When in need of shipping overseas to Jeddah, turn to the expertise of USG Shipping today. As the leader of shipping to Jeddah, USG provides all kinds of shipments to Jeddah. We can help you ship a package via air freight to Jeddah. We export anything from a car to smaller packages, as specialists in shipping goods from the…

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Shipping to Kuwait from USA

Shipping to Kuwait

If it’s the time for you to ship a car, container or other items to Kuwait and you need a rate better to contact USG team for a rate!  For the most part, shipping to Kuwait and clearing the cargo is quite easy but the challenge for shipping to Kuwait comes to some of the regulation that requires knowledge of…

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Shipping to Yemen from USA

Shipping to Yemen

USG Shipping Lines offers multimodal shipping services to Yemen. Whether you’re shipping full or partial loads, commercial cargo or personal effects, USG has the solution to your freight needs at competitive prices. Local destinations are Aden, Hodeida, Sanaa, Taiz. Located in USA, USG can provide multimodal logistics services from Full container loads to air freight from any location in…

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Shipping to Dubai from USA


If you have wanted to ship a container or a car to Dubai via air freight or ocean and like having the assurance that you’re dealing with a reputable shipping company, contact USG!  You can get peace of mind with us here at USG Shipping, where you will enjoy the convenience of our air freight shipping to Dubai and container shipping to Dubai. To get fast…

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shipping to UAE from USA

shipping to UAE from USA

Whenever looking to find a shipping company with extended knowledge on shipping to UAE, you better to check our rate. USG ship cars, commercial good, household goods, and any other items via Ocean or Air to the  UAE. No matter where in the US you are shipping from our team can arrange for your cargo to get picked up….

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Shipping to Kurdistan from USA

Shipping to Kurdistan

Shipping to Kurdistan  We provide reliable operation for all kind of cargo and shipping to Kurdistan. Whether it is regular transit trade or humanitarian aid, diplomatic, reconstruction project cargo, household goods or commercial cargo we handle it with equal proficiency. We handle all coordination, documentation, bill of lading, letters of credit as well as insurance and legalization. When time…

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Shipping to Turkey from USA


If you are planning to ship a container or a package to Turkey from USA via air freight or ocean, USG Shipping is the one to lean on. With us, you will enjoy the convenience of our air freight shipping to Turkey and container shipping to Turkey. For quick pricing that won’t break your budget, complete the quote request form above with the…

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Shipping to Saudi Arabia from USA


 Shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia (KSA)  If you have to ship a container, car or package to Saudi Arabia via air freight or ocean freight  USG Shipping can help you with the process. You will enjoy the convenience of our air freight shipping to Saudi Arabia and container shipping to Saudi Arabia. Whether you have single packages or multi-container shipments, we…

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