shipping to UAE from USA

shipping to UAE from USA

Whenever looking to find a shipping company with extended knowledge on shipping to UAE, you better to check our rate. USG ship cars, commercial good, household goods, and any other items via Ocean or Air to the  UAE. No matter where in the US you are shipping from our team can arrange for your cargo to get picked up. The United Arab Emirates or UAE is a country in the southeast region of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf.  The UAE borders Oman and Saudi Arabia on the south and sharing sea borders with Iran, Qatar, and Pakistan. The Port of Jebel Ali is the largest port in UAE, which is also used for Transshipment to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and other central Asian countries.  We have extended knowledge and experience in shipping to Middle-East, especially Shipping to UAE.  USG is one of the leaders of the Shipping companies going to UAE.  Due to the volume of shipping to the United Arab Emirates, we have dedicated a local agent in UAE and can offer destination services.

The United Arab Emirates destinations including; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Jebel Ali free zone. We will make sure that your household goods or your commercial shipments get to deliver on time and in perfect condition.  We make sure to use the best possible option for transporting your freight to UAE.  We also offer services for shipping boxes to UAE or moving to the UAE.  We are among the largest Freight Forwarding Companies in United Arab Emirate. There are many people looking to find information about shipping to UAE and here at USG, we can offer full services from the USA to UAE including; door-to-door and port-to-port service and we work hard to make sure that your shipping experience turns to a very smooth move.  For people who find jobs in the UAE, you can probably qualify for import duty-free on your household goods that got shipped to the UAE. You can always contact UAE Embassy in Washington DC to make sure that you qualify for, free of duty, for shipping your goods to UAE.

For shipping service from your door in the US to UAE, or from our loading warehouse, where you can deliver your valuables items including your vehicles; our team will give you the rates for the complete services including the loading, trucking, and if needed cargo collection is available. Our team will take care of the process from start to end for your shipments to the UAE. If you are moving to UAE  better to prepare a packing list for the items in case Customs at destination require such!  With one of the most organized and advanced containers operation, UAE handles a majority of container shipment in the Middle East. Most of Container transportation carrier use UAE as their transshipment spot.

Shipping Car to United Arab Emirates

Here at USG, we have special rates for Shipping Cars to UAE.  Below you can find some of our rates for Shipping Cars to UAE.  We also ship cars to UAE via shared containers and roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) methods.  Please ask us for the best rate for shipping your cars to UAE.  We also offer consolidation if you like to ship one car from the USA to UAE. If you are shipping multiple cars to the United Arab Emirates,  we can offer the following rates:

4/5 Cars – All Inclusive From Our Warehouses:

  • Miami, FL: $3950.00 ( 4 or 5 cars)
  • Newark, NJ: $3950.00 (All inclusive 4 or 5 cars in 40 or 45 footer)
  • Houston, TX: $4400.00 (All Inclusive 4 or 5 cars in 40 or 45 footer)
  • Long Beach, CA: $5700.00 ( All Inclusive 4 or 5 cars in 40 footer)

Cost of shipping car to UAE via ro-ro ( Cheaper option for a single car)

  • East Coast to UAE: $1695
  • West Coast to UAE: $1795

Please read the following link for car Shipping to Dubai:
Shipping to Dubai

We also offer service to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and AL Ein. The LCL option is also available for all these port if you like to ship just one or two pallets. 

Shipping to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:  Abu Dhabi is the political capital of the United Arab Emirate and USG offers air freight and ocean freight to Abu Dhabi using all different carriers and airlines.  We provide door to door delivery for US Embassy employees and can handle their shipping back to the US. When shipping to Abu Dhabi keep in mind that port charges are quite expensive so make sure your container is not going to seat at the port for a very long time.

Shipping Cargo to UAE:

USG Shipping has developed the specialty to move any type of Cargo to UAE.  Our services include; Shipping Car, Commercials, Industrial Goods, Foods, Beverages, or any other type of commodities to UAE.  Our services include:

  • Full Door-to-Door Freight and Shipping Services to United Arab Emirates
  • Full or FPA Coverage Insurance
  • Less than the container or full container load  to all cities  in UAE
  • Competitive Rate for Shipping to UAE from Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami, and all the other cities in the USA

Shipping to UAE from USA

Air freight to United Arab Emirates

USG Shipping Line offers Air shipping to all the International Airports in the United Arab Emirates.  Our air cargo to the UAE can include door delivery services if such cargo service has been requested!  Please see below list of all the International Airport in UAE where we can offer you daily Air freight services.


Airport Name


Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi International Airport


Al Ain

Al Ain International Airport



Dubai International Airport



Al Maktoum International Airport



Fujairah International Airport


Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah International Airport



Sharjah International Airport


الشحن من الامارات العربية المتحدة الى امريكا و بالعكس

خبرة في شحن العفش و السيارات

الى جميع موانئ و مطارات الامارات

نشحن الى جبل علي من امريكا

 دبي ابو ظبي العين رأس الخيمة الفجيرة الشارقة

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