Shipping to Jeddah


When in need of shipping overseas to Jeddah, turn to the expertise of USG Shipping today. As the leader of shipping to Jeddah, USG provides all kinds of shipments to Jeddah. We can help you ship a package via air freight to Jeddah. We export anything from a car to smaller packages, as specialists in shipping goods from the USA to Jeddah.

Shipping to Jeddah from USA

Jeddah is the largest city in Makkah Province and it is the largest port in Western Saudi Arabia. It is the gate to Mecca and Medina. Port of Jeddah or Jeddah Islamic Port has a strategic location in the international shipping route, connecting east and west. It is the principal port in Saudi Arabia serving Mecca and Medina. The port became operational in 1976 and has 58 working berths. The port of Jeddah is a congestion-free harbor.

USG offers all types of services for shipping the cargo to Jeddah. USG can ship any type of cargo to Jeddah regardless of the nature of the commodity. When shipping a hazardous cargo to Jeddah it may require to have a pre-approval from Jeddah port.

الشحن إلى جدة

USG Shipping Line offers all types of shipping and logistics services to Jeddah. We are specialized in both Commercial cargo and also moving to Jeddah.

1) Shipping Container

USG Shipping Line offers a containerized shipping service to Jeddah. We can offer you any type of containers needed including (Dry, Open Top, refer, Flat Rack, etc.) at any locations in the USA or Canada and ship them to the port of Jeddah. Once the container reaches the port fo Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and after customs being cleared you can hire a local transport company to bring the loaded container to your final door in Saudi Arabia.

2) Shipping Consolidation

With over 60 receiving terminals in the USA, USG Shipping provides an excellent consolidation solution for shipping your cargo to Jeddah. Our minimum charge for the Ocean Freight is based by 1cbm or 36 cubic feet. Depending on your location, we can either pick them up or just let you deliver the boxes to one of our terminals.

3) Roll on Roll off and Over-sized Cargo to Jeddah

We offer roll on roll off service for your vehicle if you need to ship them to Jeddah. Our rates are as follows from San Diego or Los Angeles (port) to Jeddah (Port). Our cargo service in Jeddah includes door delivery if such service is needed. Below find the rates for some of our Car Shipping to Jeddah:

Mid-Size Car: $1475.00

SUV: $1775.00

We can ship your over-sized cargo either from USA East or West Coast to Jeddah. Please contact us for the rate.

4) Air cargo to Jeddah – مطار الملك عبد العزيز في جدة

USG Shipping Line offers daily Air freight services with different Airlines to Jeddah International Airport. King Abdul-Aziz International Airport is the busiest airport in Saudi Arabia. Regardless of the type of commodity, volume or weight of your cargo we can have them picked up from any location in the USA or Canada and deliver them to you at the airport in Jeddah. For the commercial items and upon request we can deliver the items to the companies based in Jeddah.

Please contact us if you are interested to ship to Jeddah and one of our team members by providing you the quote and shipping schedule. If you need an Airfreight rate to Jeddah, fill out the form and we will issue the quote shortly.

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