Shipping to Dammam Saudi Arabia

Shipping to Dammam from USA

Shipping to Dammam

When it’s time for you to ship a container, package or even a car to Dammam send us an email for a shipping quote to Dammam. USG offers Air and Ocean Freight to Dammam on a daily base. We also offer a consolidation service to Dammam from 48 different terminals in the US.
Dammam is the richest region of the world for Oil reserved. It is the capital and largest city of the East Province of Saudi Arabia. It has three main neighboring cities of Dammam, Dhahran, and Khobar. The largest Airport in Saudi Arabia is in Dammam. King Fahd International airport is also the largest airport in the world in the term of land area. Dammam has also the second largest port of entry in the country after Jeddah.

USG Shipping Line offers both Ocean and Air cargo to Dammam and some of the larger cities in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

الشحن إلى الدمام

Ocean Freight to Dammam:

We can offer you all type of Ocean Freight Service to Dammam regardless of the volume, weight, and type of cargo. Dammam container terminal handles a major part of import and export to the east part of the country. There are many logistic companies near Dammam port for trucking, unloading, reloading and all kind of logistics needs. There is also customs brokers agent in case you need help with the clearance of your import cargo.

Port of Dammam has the capacity to receive any type of container including Standard, Refrigerated, Open Top and Flat Rack. Depending on the type of commodity, we can provide one of the above containers for shipping your cargo from any location in the United States or Canada to Dammam.

With over 60 receiving terminals in the United States, USG Shipping Line is in the position to ship your boxes, Crates or Pallets to the Port of Dammam. If the volume of your shipment is less than 300 cubic feet, you do not need to book the whole container. We will quote you based on the volume that you have and if interested, we will pick up and ship them to Dammam.

Air Freight to Dammam

USG Shipping Line offers Air freight services to Dammam International Airport. Our Airfreight to King Fahd International Airport includes the pickup service from any location in the United States or Canada. Our Air cargo service also includes the Refer shipment for Frozen Items or Foods. We provide door to door to any location in Dammam or cities within 250 miles away for the small air cargo to Dammam.

Roll on Roll off and Over-Sized Shipping to Dammam

USG Shipping Line offer Roll on Roll off service from either East or West Coast to the port of Dammam. If you are looking to ship just one car you may don’t need to book the full container or go with the sharing container. We can just ship your car as it is with a very competitive rate. Please contact us for our special ro ro rate to Dammam.

For shipping, the Over-sized Cargo like Crane, CNC machine or any other vehicles that may not fit in the container, USG Shipping Line offers the solution. We will ship them for you under our break bulk or Roll on Roll off contract. The cost may depend on the weight and volume of the vehicle.

– If shipping one Midsize Car the rate is $1995

مطار الملك فهد الدولي في الدمام


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