Shipping to Kuwait from USA

Shipping to Kuwait from USA

الشحن الى الكويت

For the most part, shipping to Kuwait and clearing the cargo is quite easy but the challenge for shipping to Kuwait comes to some of the regulation  that requires knowledge and expertise.   The State of Kuwait is an Arab Country in Western Asia and it borders Iraq to the North and Saudi Arabia to the South.  With only 17,820 square kilometers of land mass, Kuwait carries one of the best Logistic infrastructures in the Middle East.

The two major ports of entries in Kuwait are Shuaiba and Shuwaikh.  We also can deliver your cargo to Kuwait City.  The Port of Shuaiba is usually used for military and government project, however some carriers have their own docks and can accept any type of cargo.  Kuwait has a 4 year old restriction for importing cars; however as a returning citizen you can ship your household goods, duty free, to Kuwait.  Here at, USG Shipping, we also offer door delivery to the US Naval Base in Kuwait.

Please see the list of the Ports we offer service to in Kuwait:

Shipping to Port Shuaiba

Shipping to Port Shuwaikh


Shipping to Kuwait from USA


Air Freight to Kuwait:

The Kuwait International Airport (IATA: KWI and ICAO: OKBK) is located in Farwaniyah Kuwait.  It is approximately 10 miles to the south of Kuwait City.  USG Shipping offers daily flights to Kuwait with quoting depending on the Airline, Volume, Weight, and Commodity of your cargo.  Please contact us with the details of your inquiries and we will make sure to provide you with a quote, along with the flight schedules.  Our Air Freight Rate to Kuwait will be based by the chargeable weight of the cargo along with the pick up and type of the cargo.  We offer door to door delivery for Air Freight to Kuwait if they are less than 150 lbs.

For Shipping by Air to Kuwait we have contracts with most of the Airlines and Freighters and will use them according to your needs.  The Kuwait Air cargo rate depends to the volume and weight and the type of the commodity.  USG offers very competitive rates for your Kuwait Air shipment.  For your Air Cargo to Kuwait we have few options as far as Airlines or Freighters.

Shipping Boxes to Kuwait by LCL Ocean freight & Airfreight  :

US General Shipping offer full door to door services for shipping your boxes to Kuwait.  For military orders, we can ship the boxes to the naval bases in Kuwait.  For any other inquiry, we have Ocean Freight and Air Freight.  Our Ocean Freight delivery terminal is in Kuwait City. If you have commercial cargo that is not enough to meet a full container load (FCL) we offer complete door to port service partial loads (LCL) from all major port of exits in USA. You also have the flexibility to ship your cargo directly to one of our LCL warehouses. Upon receiving shipping confirmation we'll be able to place it on next available vessel which sails out weekly from all major US ports. The same type of service is also provided for individual customers who are looking to ship partial load by ocean instead of booking a full container load. Please be sure to have dimensions of your boxes, pallets, crates,etc.. ready prior to requesting quote since LCL shipments get rated by volume of the cargo we'll need to calculate your volume accordingly so you can get a rate quote that is competitive and accurate. 

For Air Freight, we have two shipping options that is differentiated between Airline cargo and small boxes shipment through major courier services like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. If your boxes and items are below 150 lbs we are able to offer complete door to door shipping at a discounted rate through one of the major international courier services. Our small package shipments also offer US address for clients who are buying products, parts, or gifts, or commercial cargo from online and other supplier. You can purchase and ship it directly to our address, and upon receiving shipping confirmation we'll ship your cargo in an expedited manner to destination of your choice. If you have the dimension and piece count ready for your small package, we can even complete your transaction the same day and ship it out the same day for door to door service. The 2nd option for airfreight cargo is to move it by air line cargo. This option is reserved for cargo weighing 150 lbs or greater. We have contractual discounted rates with most major international airlines, thus ensuring you're always getting the most competitive rates to your particular destination. With our airline cargo service we are able to handle large volume of freight shipments for commercial and individual account. In addition to commercial freight services, we also offer comprehensive project cargo solutions for trade shows, government project, and procurement projects.

Shipping Car to Kuwait :

We offer Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) and container service for shipping your cars to Kuwait.  The Kuwait government has placed a 5 year old restriction of car importation, however that is subject to some exceptions.  It is better to check with Kuwait Customs before importing your car.  Students with a permit are allowed to import one car to Kuwait with no age restriction.  Classic cars do not meet this age restriction imposed by customs. The most important factor in shipping vehicle to Kuwait is to ensure your car is not salvaged or has salvage title. Our comprehensive vehicle solution caters to businesses and dealers, students, expats, and Kuwaiti residents who are moving abroad. You can either choose to pack up to 3 vehicles in a 40'HC container, 2 vehicles in 40'HC containers, or 1 vehicle in 20ft container if you prefer containerized shipping service. If you prefer roll on roll off we can ship your vehicles in that manner as well. For expats, students, and residents moving back to Kuwait we offer mixed load container where you can pack your HHG, personal effects, and misc items along with your vehicle. Please contact us with the details of your inquiry and we will make sure to provide you with the most competitive prices.  


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