Shipping to Lebanon from USA

Shipping to Lebanon from USA

Shipping to Lebanon from US:

Trust USG Shipping Line to make international ocean shipping to Lebanon easy. Our well-established networks ensure the timely arrival and delivery of your shipment. We offer ocean shipping, ocean freight and ocean cargo services to all major regions in Lebanon. however, Beirut is the major port of entry.

We can also arrange to pick your international ocean cargo up at your property for an additional cost. USG Shipping Lines takes pride in offering flexible, convenient international ocean shipping options to locations around the world. Regardless if you are moving to Lebanon or you are shipping commercial items to Lebanon we are here to help you. To ship to Lebanon , you need to know the import regulation to make sure that your cargo will not have any issues to be cleared. USG is working with one of the major Freight Forwarder to Lebanon for your customs clearance and door delivery if you need the destination services. If you are shipping container to Lebanon with us, our agents can help you to clear the customs and handle the door delivery for you. We can also help with your moving to Lebanon from the US with shipping your household goods or car to Lebanon. Your cargo to Lebanon will be handled with expertise and we make sure to provide you a great shipping experiences. You can check all the import tariff for import to Lebanon at Lebanese Customs.


Lebanon Customs website provide you a very detailed explanation as far as the process and all the steps in order to clear the cargo. It is important to follow the rules and regulations to avoid future complications. Our ocean shipping to Lebanon is handled via consolidated ocean containers. This allows us to place your shipment in a container with other cargo in order to reduce the shipping costs.

We take care to ensure that your shipment costs are as low as possible while still providing excellent ocean shipping services.

Ocean Shipping to Lebanon:

Here at USG Shipping Line, we handle both personal shipments and commercial cargo. We offer a both 20' & 40' containers along with consolidation (LCL Container). We can help you decide which best fit your cargo with a low freight rate.

When shipping, ocean freight to Lebanon, we suggest that you designate another person to pick up your shipment on your behalf if you will not be present when your shipment arrives. This can be done by shipping your cargo “care of” the designated person.

Shipping to Beirut


Shipping Car to Lebanon:

US General Shipping Line offers special Auto rates for Lebanon. We offer both roll on roll off and containerized car shipping to Lebanon from both East and West Coast. Please see below some of our Special rates:

Roll on roll off from USA West Coast to Lebanon:

Mid-Size car from California (Port) to Lebanon: $1500

SUV from California (Port) to Lebanon: $1700

Containerized Auto Rates to Lebanon :

Shipping 4 or 5 cars to Lebanon from Los Angeles: $4500.00

Shipping 4 or 5 Cars to Lebanon from Houston : $3800.00

Shipping 4 or 5 Cars to Lebanon from Miami: $3400.00

Shipping 4 or 5 Cars to Lebanon from Newark : $3200.00

Air Freight to Lebanon:

We offer Airfreight service to Beirut and Tripoli on a daily basis, as well as all major international airports. Please contact us for our air freight rates to Beirut & more major cities. The Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport is largest one in the country and handle most of the Air's imports. To import to any other Airports in Lebanon, the cargo will be transported via Beirut. To ship to Lebanon via air , USG's offers door to door or door to Airport. We will ship your cargo to Lebanon with few Airlines.