Shipping to Iraq from USA

Shipping to Iraq from US 
الشحن إلى العراق

Iraq is a western Asia country, bordered by Turkey to the North, Kuwait on the Southeast, Iran to the east, Jordan to the Southwest, and Syria to the West. Baghdad is the country's capital and largest city. It's conveniently located at the center of the country. The main import products of Iraq are Food, Medicine and Manufactures.

USG Shipping Line provides shipping service by container, roll on roll off, project cargo, military and diplomatic cargo to Iraq. Basra in the south is the only seaport in Iraq. When shipping to Iraq by Ocean, the cargo first goes to Umm Qasar , from where it can be transported to Baghdad or any other cities in Iraq. The port of Umm Qasar has multiple docks and can receive any type of commodity.
The shipping rate to Iraq decreased during the last 2 years . Our Freight Services to Iraq include:

- Commercial Freight to Iraq

- Shipping Cars to Iraq

- Shipping Container to Iraq

- Cargo to Iraq

We can also ship to Iraq from the north side of the country by using the port of Mersin. Most of the industrial infrastructures are either based in Kirkuk or Basra. For shipping to Kirkuk we recommend you to use our trucking service from Mersin. To freight cargo to Iraq , USG use different cities. See below the cities where we offer Ocean Freight to Iraq:

Shipping to Umm Qasr

We also offer the following Cargo services to Iraq;

-Shipping to Baghdad

-Shipping to Basra


Air Freight to Iraq:
Please see below the list of the International Airports in Iraq. Regardless the volume, weight and commodity of your shipment, we can pick up, pack and ship your boxes to one of these Airports.

At this time , we offer shipping to Baghdad International Airport.


Airport Name


Al Najaf

Al Najaf International Airport



Baghdad International Airport



Basra International Airport



Erbil International Airport



Mosul International Airport



Sulaimaniyah International Airport


We are working closely with few Oil Industry Equipment Suppliers and understand that sometime the cargo needs to be delivered at the earliest possible. Shipping to Iraq via Air with affordable rates and daily service, from door to airport services, fast and reliable services for moving, our Air Team will provide you the best rates and complete information about the process from the pick up to the delivery, we want help you to do your shipping a good experience.


Shipping Boxes to Iraq :
Here at US General Shipping, we offer a full door to door or door to airport services for shipping your boxes to Iraq. Due to the situation in Iraq, we don’t offer door delivery to all the area in Iraq. Please contact us for more details.

Cargo to Iraq:

To ship to Iraq, you need to contact the Customs and make sure that your cargo is not a restristed commodity. With over 2.2 Billion Dollars , Iraq is the 59th trade partner. Machinery, Vehicles and Medical Equipments are some of the commodities that we are shipping to Iraq. Please check the updated importregulation at Iraqi Customs . Please see the list of the items prohibited in Iraq:

  • Any items that could be offensive to the Muslim and Iraq culture or sensitive to the Middle East area security situation are prohibited. These include pork products, religious publications , imitation firearms, paraphernalia, military uniform, or Quranic verses. All prohibited items received will be subject to heavy Customs fines.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Playing cards
  • Pornography
  • USed Vehicle unless for personal use and approved permit
  • Soil samples