Shipping to Vietnam from USA

Shipping to Vietnam from USA

Ship to Vietnam from USA

When it’s time for you to ship cargo to Vietnam from the USA, USG Shipping is here to provide seamless help. Because our team specializes in shipping goods from the USA to Vietnam, get peace of mind knowing we export anything from boxes to oversized shipments. Plus, we have contracts for that, and such is backed by competitive rates and an easy process designed to get your shipment processed quickly. There are varieties of options such as express, air, ocean, full container, less than the container  to ship an item to Vietnam

So, whether you need to ship something via air freight or ocean, we can offer the service. Our regular air freight shipping to Vietnam and weekly container shipping to Vietnam can get your goods to the country without delay. With all that said and if ready to move, start with filling out the quote form above.  Depending on your time zone we usually respond to requests within the hour. If our last quote for your shipment to Vietnam is competitive than let’s move forward with picking up the cargo.

Shipping to Vietnam Cost:

The cost for shipping to Vietnam may depend on the dimensions, weight, type of cargo and mode of transportation.  The cost for shipping by air is more expensive than the ocean freight but transit time is shorter than the ocean shipping.
Cost of shipping a container to Vietnam:

Origin Port Size of Container Cost of shipping via Ocean
Los Angeles 20 Footer $880
Savannah 40 Footer $1180

Shipping Containers, Cars, to Vietnam 

Da Nang, Saigon and Ho Chi Minh are the and Hamburg are the three major ports of entry in Vietnam. All these ports could be used for containerized shipment and roll on roll-off.  Since we work with few freight forwarders in Vietnam the door to door service is a possible option but not necessarily the cheapest one.

The ocean cargo shipping from USA to Vietnam gets handled either via container, breakbulk, roll on roll off or charter.  Besides the charter services, all other options are available with USG service.  Once the details provided our team will recommend on how to ship to Vietnam,


About Vietnam 

The country of Vietnam which officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is in the Indochina Peninsula and have an estimated ninety-five million habitants.  It is one of the most populated countries in the world. The country bordered by Thailand, China, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. When Hanoi is the capital, Hochi Min is the most populated city in the country.

Its top exports include cars and auto parts, packaged medication, aeronautical equipment, and parts, and blood for medical purposes. Its top imports include cars and auto parts, medical packages, computers and electronics, and crude petroleum.

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