Shipping to Honduras from USA


USG provides very unique shipping service to Honduras and that covers both USA East Coast and USA West Coast.  The service covers the inland transportation to the delivery of the container or pallet to any port in Honduras. With English and  Spanish-speaking agents available in our office, you have the guaranty that every detail clarified and explained before the departure of your cargo. With a weekly sailing service from all the US ports, USG covers all your shipping requests for Honduras.

Honduras is vast in size in Central America the country bordered by Nicaragua, Ecuador, and El Salvador. The country lies to the south of the Pacific Ocean, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea. Honduras ports lie on the northeast side of the country, with four convenient international airports. All major ports lead to the main city or are conveniently located to get your shipment where it needs to go!

Please contact us to get the best quote. We have direct contracts with Maersk Honduras and some other carriers. You are maybe returning citizen and moving to Honduras or a commercial shipper, here at USG we offer all kinds of solutions for your freight to Honduras. Keep in mind that USG can ship your cargo to Honduras from any locations in the US!

You can find the answers to your questions for all the import and shipping regulation to Honduras at the Embajada de Honduras en Washingon DC.

Shipping Container to Honduras

The cheapest way to ship your cargo to Honduras is via container. Most of the ocean freight shipping companies offer service to Puerto Cortes and type of containers available for regular cargo are 20 and 40 feet container.  Cargo gets loaded into the container either at your or your supplier’s site in the US or from one of our loading dock in the US.  The cheapest way to ship your cargo if the supplier is nearby the port of departure is having it loaded into the container at their warehouse.

Shipping a car to Honduras 

With a weekly sailing, USG provides ro-ro and container for shipping car to Honduras. Rates for shipping your car to Honduras depends on the type of car and the origin of your shipment in the US. The car gets picked up from any auctions, dealership or even your home and transported to the nearest port for shipping to Honduras.  Since ro-ro service to Honduras is not that common, we also have in place the container shipping where we load your car into the container. For multiple cars, the 40 or 45 footer containers needed but if it is only one car it gets loaded into the 20 footers.  It is cheaper to ship a single car via roll-on rolls off but keep in mind you can’t have any items inside the car if you are using that option! With loading dock in NY, FL, GA, TX and CA USG can pick up and load your cars into the container from any origins in the US!

Please contact us for our special rates for:

– Shipping to Honduras from New York: because of large Honduran population in New York we have worked with the carriers who we have contracts with for having a lower rate along with longer free days in Honduras if you ship the container from New York.

– Shipping to Honduras from Miami:

Please see below for ports and international airports in Honduras where we offer cargo services.

– Shipping to Port of Puerto Castilla: The city on the Caribbean side of Atlantic Ocean.

– Shipping to Port of Puerto Cortes:  The city founded in the 15th century and port is one of the oldest one in South America. It is also the largest port of entry in Honduras, the Puerto Cortes handles the majority of import and export.

– Shipping to Port of San Lorenzo

To ship to Honduras, please contact us with the details, and we will make sure to quote you with the cheapest way to ship to Honduras.

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