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Shipping a container by ocean or air to Chile is an easy, hassle-free process when you partner with professionals like USG Shipping. From cars to household goods, we can pick up your items anywhere in the USA or Canada and get them to Chile. USG Shipping offers the lowest rates around; additionally, we can get your order processed FAST. For seamless air freight shipping to Chile and container shipping to Chile, take a few moments to complete the above quote form. Our friendly team is ready to give you competitive rates on international shipping on anything from packages to multi-container shipments. Our cost-effective and straight-forward logistics services leave no room for last-minute surprises or hidden charges. Begin with a free quote when you fill out our online form, providing us with the pick-up place, the destination and the type of goods you’re shipping. It takes just about an hour for us to get back to you.

Whether you are shipping packages, cars, trucks, or personal goods, USG Shipping can offer you an affordable rate. A trusted company with air freight, ocean freight, and door-to-door service, we offer full container load and partial container load in two sizes with 20 foot and 40-foot size containers. Please contact USG Shipping if you need a quote for shipping a container to Chile. Shipping to Chile is quite easy when using the right logistics company like USG Shipping Line.

Shipping containers to Chile: With a weekly sailing from Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York and all other ports in the US. The rate varies from $1100 to $2600 but you can see some rates and transit time for shipping to Chile in the chart below.

Port of departure Port of Arrival Container Size Transit Time Rate for shipping
Los Angeles Valparaiso, Chile 40 9 $1985
Houston Valparaiso, Chile 40 10 $2195

There is a daily departure from the US to Chile and below you can find the list of ports in Chile :

– Shipping to Valparaiso, Chile: The main sea-port of the country by the Pacific ocean and main entrance of any international cargo.

– Shipping to Santiago: The capital of the country with a dry port where the container gets customs cleared. It is also the place for most of the international incoming air shipment to Chile.

– Shipping to San Antonio, Chile: It is usually the same cost as shipping to Valparaiso as they are like 15 miles from each other.

– Shipping to Arica: Cost-wise it is not always as cheap as Valparaiso because some of the ocean freight carriers are not calling this port.

Shipping a car to Chile: If you are aware of the regulations and like to ship your car, boat, Jet Ski or any other titled vehicle to Chile we give both ro-ro and container shipment. The car needs must be fully paid and title issued to the shipper or consignee name and same may apply when the car reaches Chile for the Chilean Customs. The validated title of the car may be a need in Chile for the Customs purpose!

Air freight to Chile: There is a daily flight for known cargo from all the US major airlines but the cost of the air cargo depends on the weight, dimensions and time of the shipment. We work with some of the Santiago shipping companies if you need a door to door delivery for your air cargo!

Shipping household good, personal item, and  food to Chile 

For shipping household goods or personal effects, we have the most convenient rates in the market and weekly sailings with the major ocean carriers like Maersk, Hamburg Sud, and CCNI. We can help you with the documentation, and we can help you step by step until your cargo arrives in the port of Chile.

Please note because of the regulations of the Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG), all items must be placed in fumigated pallets; otherwise, the shipment will be held in quarantine upon arrival in Chile. This regulation has been enforced by the Chilean government to cut the transmission of plagues that have been eradicated from the country.

The importation of used cars in Chile is prohibited, unless for a Chilean citizen who returns to the country. When importing your household goods, personal effects and car, you need to be in the country to get the cargo released. Upon your arrival in the country, you will need to go to the International Police (Policia International) and get a document that confirms your time out of Chile. With this document and copy of the Released Bill of Lading, a Customs Broker (Agente de Aduanas) will ask you sign a power of attorney so they can do with clearance and complete the paperwork on your behalf.

Once all the fees including import tax and duty paid off, the container gets released from the port and you can arrange the pick-up of the container. Please note that usually, the containers allowed being out of the port five to seven days free; after this time, you will be subject to demurrage fees. Also note that once the vessel arrives at the port of unloading in Chile, you have between five and 10 days free; after this free time, your container will start to add storage charges. To avoid any extra charges, it is very important that you do your clearance on time and have the container released at the earliest possible opportunity. Please contact Chilean Customs for any questions that you may have. Chile, in western South America, runs along the continent between the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. It is strong economically, bordering Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and the Drake Passage.


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