Shipping to Colombia from USA

Shipping to Colombia from USA

Shipping to Colombia is a stress-free process when you have a professional team like USG Shipping handling it! We make the process stress free so you can sit back and relax while we ship your car, household goods, containers or anything else from the USA or Canada to Colombia. USG Shipping offers the lowest rates around, plus we can get give a full door to door service. Ready to learn more about shipping overseas to Colombia? Take a few minutes to complete the above quote form. Our friendly staff members are ready to give you great rates on international shipping on cars and containers, as we handle anything from small packages to multi-container shipments. USG  treats you to hassle-free, cost-effective and straight-forward logistics services, with no last-minute surprises or hidden charges. Shipping to Colombia is an easy task when you use a reliable logistics company like USG Shipping. We ship commercial items, cars, and household goods via air or ocean to Colombia.  If you are shipping from NYC, GA, FL, TX, and California to Colombia we offer loading service.

Shipping container to Colombia

Both import and export service is available at our company for any type of container shipment. When shipping a container to Colombia and upon request, we can cover customs clearance of the cargo and deliver the container to your door. Also, if you decide to ship a container from Colombia using our agent, we can make sure the container departs on time. The cheapest way of shipping a container to Colombia is self-loading if the loading place is nearby the ramp or port of departure!  Transit time for the shipping container to Colombia is 4 to 29 days depending on where is the origin of the shipment in the US! All the Colombian ports can handle dry container as well as the flat rack, oversized and open-top container.   For a container shipping to Colombia from the US, the main ports of departure are in Miami but that does not mean all containers must first be transported to Miami. No matter where is the origin of the shipment in the US, the empty container would be brought to you from the nearest ramp or port.  The cheapest way of shipping is minimizing the transportation of the container using Truck and better to use the rail shipping for transporting the container to the port of departure.

Port of departure Port of Arrival Container Size Transit Time Rate for shipping
Miami Cartagena 20 5 $1395
Miami Cartagena 40 5 $1895
New York Buenaventura 40 12 $1685

Shipping a car to Colombia

USG Shipping offers container shipping for your vehicle and ro-ro service to Colombia a more economical way to ship a vehicle overseas. Remember the consignees are always liable for the import duty if it applies in Colombia so make sure to check the taxes and duty before importing a car to Colombia. USG Shipping can move your cars either by container or Roll On Roll Off. We can help you bundle your household goods and the car in the same container to save money. Our company offers special rates on shipping heavy equipment to Colombia via roll on roll off out of Florida. Our rates are very competitive from any port on the East Coast of the US and Houston to any destination port in Colombia. With weekly sailings to Colombia, get your special low rate, and we can book your vehicle on the next sail. Please contact us if you have any questions about the shipping of tractors or other equipment to Colombia and make sure to not proceed with importing your car to Colombia unless you have confirmation that customs clearance will not be an issue.   Offering all kind of option for car shipping to Colombia, USG has a loading dock in Miami where we offer consolidation.

Whenever you have few boxes to booking a container is not the cheapest way to ship to Colombia and you better to ask for our consolidation service! If smaller than boxes like packages the courier service is a possibility for shipping from the US! Just to have an idea and assuming that you are shipping a few boxes from NYC by sea, the nearest terminals are in New York and Carteret in NJ. The shipping time from NYC to Colombia is about 2 to 3 weeks and that is subject to some delay but the same if shipped from Miami could be less than 10 days! You can also use our air freight service for sending boxes to Colombia if cargo is only a few boxes and Bogotá is the destination but most probably is not as cheap as shipping them via ocean!

Shipping boxes to Colombia 

Our air freight service is our fastest service, with Airport-to-Airport international shipping available from the USA to Colombia and the transit time is usually less than three days. Contact USG Shipping if you have cargo that needs to reach Colombia within a few days. Thus, let us help with air freight shipping to Colombia to Colombia. Start with a free quote when you fill out our simple online form, providing us with the pick-up place, the destination and the type of goods you’re shipping. We will get back to you in about an hour! Our local agent in Colombia will help with the clearance and door delivery of your container or cargo at any place in Colombia. Our door delivery service also includes air freight or smaller shipments. We also have weekly consolidation services from Miami to Colombia.

The shipping service to Colombia is available to the following cities:

–  Barranquilla: It is the port on the north side of Colombia and mostly it’s used if the origin of shipment is in NYC or any port in the east coast!

–  Buenaventura: The largest port in Colombia located on the Pacific side, usually the cheapest option if you for shipping from the USA west coast!

– Cartagena: The most modern port in Colombia where all type of cargo could be handled. Most of the shipment designated to government entities go to this port.

– Shipping to Bogotá: It is not a port but some carriers offer limited service to Bogotá dry port.  There is a daily flight for shipping boxes to Bogotá Airport.

Import Regulations for Shipping to Colombia: For more information on fair trade regulations between the US and Colombia, you can contact the Embassy of Colombia in Washington DC.  Colombia, located north of South America, sits between Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. With a strong economy and thriving culture, the country is building and upgrading its infrastructures, especially for public transportation.  Spanish is the official language of the country with some local dialects. US exporters must know that their importers in Colombia have to follow the steps required below to complete an import process into Colombia:

  • Purchase and fill out the Import Registration form with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Tourism. This requires a complete product description and tariff classification.
  • Colombian Customs inspects the merchandise if they consider it necessary, and then once the inspection completed, they authorize the release of goods.
  • Complete the document “Andean Custom Value Declaration” when the import value is equal to or more than US$ 5,000 FOB.
  • Complete the form for Import Declaration.
  • Pay for the import duties, VAT, surcharges, and other fees.
  • Coordinate with an agent to receive the merchandise and get it out of customs.

Take the following steps before shipping to Colombia:

  • Coordinate with a financial entity to pay for the imported goods.
  • Obtain pre-approval from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism for the Import Registration Form or if required the Import License.
  • It is important to have a the record of all Electronic items.
  • Present all documents to customs on time.
  • Request the Bill of Lading and Cargo Manifest from the transportation company.

As per regulation in Colombia, you must keep important documents for no less than five years.

 We would be happy to provide you with a free quote for any overseas shipping to Colombia, so fill out our form now!

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