Shipping to Ecuador from USA

Shipping to Ecuador from USA

Whenever you need a quote for international shipping to Ecuador, contact USG team and we will give you a quote! Whether you are ready to send commercial goods to Ecuador or you wish to move there to live with your family, lean on USG Shipping to make it all happen. We handle commercial goods, household goods, vehicles, containers and much more when it comes to shipping overseas to Ecuador from the USA or Canada. If you are searching for affordable air freight shipping to Ecuador and container shipping to Ecuador, you will appreciate our team’s thorough attention to detail and fair pricing. We have experience picking up shipments anywhere in the USA or Canada and sending them to Ecuador safely and efficiently. After getting all the necessary details from you, we can get your project started with a free quote. The shipment will need to go via the port of Guayaquil. Get a response quickly in about an hour when you fill out our online quote request form!  To start the process, we will ask you a few questions and your answers will lead us to give you the most competitive rate.  We need to know the details of your request, such as the pick-up place, the destination and the type of goods you want to ship. As your top provider for shipping overseas to Ecuador, we export anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages to cars.

With many years of experience in shipping to Ecuador, our freight services include:

Shipping container to Ecuador: Weekly shipping sailing schedules from all the US Ramp and port. We mostly offer 15 days free of demurrage for the container get cleared in Ecuador. For commercial cargo, USG delivers the empty container to the supplier or manufacture warehouse where items and pallets get loaded to the container and from there we handle the cargo! There are some locations in the US and Canada with no access for a large truck to bring the container so for those locations USG brings a smaller truck and pick up the cargo, bring it to our nearest dock and load the container at our warehouse.  Our container shipping to Ecuador covers all the international seaports and no matter where is the origin of your shipment, USG can ship your goods to Ecuador. 

Shipping household goods to Ecuador 

If you are currently based in Ecuador, you can also contact our agent,  Vicky Spitzack who is our long-time agent in Ecuador. You can also check with the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington DC. Shipping personal goods to Ecuador is quite easy when using a professional logistics company like USG Shipping and our agent in Ecuador with the clearance and door delivery process and keep in mind the same from and to Canada is available if you need it.  No matter where is the origin of the shipment in the US or Canada we can handle it all the way to your door in Ecuador. We can help ship your cargo, checking all the country-specified rules, regulations and paperwork. By using our service for shipping your cargo to Ecuador, you have a piece of mind that all details get verified and no issues with Customs in Ecuador will occur as we make sure to check them all with you before departure.

Shipping a car to Ecuador:  With some complex regulation, you can ship your car to Ecuador.  For more details please contact our agent in Ecuador ( C2C Moves). There are some technicalities as far the year of the car and model and type of car that you need to know about purchasing a car for shipping it to Ecuador. 

Ecuador, a country in South America, bordered by Columbia, Peru, and Costa Rica. The country’s largest city, Guayaquil, is home to one of the main shipping ports. Other shipping ports include Port of Manta and Port of La Libertad. The country has many restrictions for importing commercial items; however, it is the land of many American, European and Canadian expats. Our service for moving to Ecuador includes two main ports of entry of Guayaquil and Esmeraldas.

Shipping to Guayaquil: Do you need to ship a container to Guayaquil? Your destination could be either Quito or Cuenca but your cargo reaches Ecuador by  Guayaquil port first. USG offer door to door service to any place in Ecuador using the port of Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador. It is also the most populated city in the country. The port of Guayaquil is the largest and main port of entry of the country, 30 miles from the Gulf of Guayaquil on the Pacific side. Almost 95% of the Ecuadorian Import is entering the country and about half of the export is being importer or Export via the port of Guayaquil. The port of Guayaquil is the center of the trade center and plays a major role in the economy of Ecuador.

Regardless of where is the last destination for your cargo, your container will need to first pass by Guayaquil. Here at USG Shipping, we offer a full door to door service. We can also give you the service for shipping to Guayaquil and let you manage your customs clearance.
Our agent in Ecuador will help you to clear and move your cargo from Guayaquil to any other cities or town in the country. There are two receiving terminals in Guayaquil with different handling charges and processing.

Shipping to Cuenca: Cuenca is the main city and capital of the state of Azuay in Ecuador. It is also considered one of the most advanced cities in Ecuador and very retirement-friendly. The city has many attractions and historic sites to enjoy. With our own agent in Cuenca, USG is able to bring your goods to your door in Cuenca. There are many US citizens who move here for their retirement and we always make sure to offer them full door to door services for shipping their personal goods to Cuenca.

Any more questions on how to ship to Ecuador, give us a call or send us an email!

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