Shipping to Caribbean

Shipping to Caribbean
If either looking for a company offering the shipping service from the US to the Caribbean or like to know more about the process of shipping to the Caribbean, contact the USG team! Here at USG, we are the shipping magnet for this service. We pick up the cargo, handle all export paperwork, ship to any ports in the Caribbean and finally deliver to your door. Don’t stress yourself over your move if you are hiring USG.  As of one the Caribbean shipping company, USG specialized on shipping barrels to the Caribbean. USG handles all sorts of cargo from the US to the Caribbean and that could be either by sea or air!  The standard process starts with you sending us a rate inquiry for the Caribbean so please fill out the form and send us the request with the details of your cargo to the Caribbean and our team will give the quote at the earliest.  USG shipping offers best services to ship to the Caribbean for any commodities with the different mode of transportation. If you have any further questions, you can call or mail us. We will help you promptly with our 24 hours customer services.

Shipping barrels to the Caribbean

Culturally the expats of most of the Caribbean island use barrels for shipping food and other items to their families in the Caribbean. To address such needs, USG offers consolidation service to most of the island in the Caribbean for barrels, but you need to ship 3 barrels at least! There are not many Caribbean shipping companies with such a solution for smaller shipment so make sure to take advantage of that barrels shipping service.  The consolidation service for shipping barrels is available from our terminals in Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, Maryland and 42 other states in the US and from these locations the barrels get transported to Miami with the truck and it gets loaded to the container in Miami before shipping to the Caribbean. For example, if you deliver the cargo to our terminal in Atlanta. When shipping via consolidation it will go to Miami and loaded into the container in Florida even though the delivery was in Atlanta! USG offers the same cargo service from Toronto in Canada.

Shipping to French Guiana

French Guiana (also known as just Guiana) situated in the north Atlantic coast of South America. The country that border French Guiana are Brazil and Suriname. With such a low population French Guiana still has two high traffic airports and seaport. French Guiana main seaport is Port of Degrade des Cannes, on the estuary of the Maury River. Almost all the country’s imports and exports pass through the Port of Degrade des Cannes. USG Shipping can guide you whether you’re shipping a vehicle or small goods. All cost for freight shipping to French Guiana varies depending on the shipping service required, the size of the package and the destination city. Contact us so we are able better help you in getting the best quote.

Shipping to St Lucia

Need a shipping rate to St Lucia, our specialized Caribbean team will guide you step by step for this shipment. The beautiful island of Saint Lucia (St Lucia) is in the west indies on the northeast of Saint Vincent and northwest of Barbados. With a population less than 200,000. Port Castries is the capital and the spot where smaller container and cargo vessel enter the island for getting off-loaded.

Shipping to Barbados: 

The Caribbean is the most exotic part of the world and many US and Canadian citizens are moving there daily. No matter which islands do you like to move in, USG can help you with the process.  With many years of experience in international shipping to the Caribbean, USG offer We offer door to door service to most of the island listed below.  Working with local Caribbean Freight Forwarders allows us to offer the door delivery to an island in the Caribbean.

– Anguilla
– Antigua and Barbuda
– Aruba
– Bahamas
– Bermuda
– Cayman Islands
– Grenada
– Guadeloupe
– Martinique
– Montserrat
– Netherlands Antilles
– Saint Kitts and Nevis
– Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
– Turk and Caicos Islands
– Virgin Islands

The Caribbean is a district that includes the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. The Caribbean is on the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America. Beside one of the best tourist attraction destination specialty, Caribbean is also known with proximity to the large market in the US and Canada as well as Europe and South America.


Port of Degrad des Cannes
Port of Cayenne

Please contact us for more details on shipping to the Caribbean!

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