Shipping to Dominican Republic from USA

Shipping to Dominican Republic from USA
Shipping to Dominican Republic From the USA

Faced with shipping a container or a package to the Dominican Republic via air or ocean freight? USG Shipping provides you with the convenience and seamless process of our air freight shipping to the Dominican Republic and container shipping to the Dominican Republic. We can transport anything you need, from a single package to multi-container shipments. In fact, we can pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada, making air freight and ocean shipping simple and stress-free. For fast, accurate pricing on overseas shipping to the Dominican Republic, complete the quote form request above. We just need the pick-up location, final destination and the type of goods you’re shipping. Then, we can get back to you within the hour. Either if you are shipping from Miami, MD, Orlando or any other places in the US or Canada to DR we can provide you with the most accurate rate as soon as you provide the needed information. As far as transit time, it is usually pretty quick for the container to reach Dominican Republic from the USA and that is between 8 to 25 days. 

If you want to learn more about shipping your cars, household goods and containers overseas to the Dominican Republic, get in touch now.

 About the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, located in the Caribbean Islands, borders Haiti. It’s the second largest Caribbean nation by both population and area, home to 10 million people. Of those, one million live in the country’s capital, Santo Domingo. A large part of the country’s economy is led by import, export, and foreign investments.

We offer ocean freight to all major ports in the Dominican Republic. Our team can help you decide which options are best for your cargo as we have different options available, such as 20’ & 40’ standard, 40’ High Cube, and consolidation services. Dominican Republic’s main cargo seaport is Haina Occidental Port located west of the country’s capital.

Main Ports and Customs Terminal in the Dominican Republic:

  • Multimodal Caucedo Port
  • Port of Rio Haina
  • Shipping to Santa Domingo

Shipping to the Dominican Republic from New Jersey:

There is a large Dominican community in New Jersey, and for that reason, we always have many requests for shipping from New Jersey. USG offers a weekly consolidation from New Jersey to the Dominican Republic. 

There are some other ports where we can ship your cargo using transshipment options, such as Boca Chica, San Pedro, and Romana.   

Import Regulations in the Dominican Republic: Before you begin unpacking, you’ll have to make sure your shipment meets all the regulations to clear customs. Each country has its own unique set of shipping guidelines that must be followed, so here’s what to expect when moving to the Dominican Republic.

  • Dominican Customs requires that customers be present in the Dominican Republic at the time of customs clearance. They must provide a customs declaration of the shipment, passport and all documentation providing proof of their intent to reside in the Dominican Republic, as well as proof that they have resided abroad for the past two years.
  • Shipments are subject to physical examination by customs and also port security and other officers upon arrival at the port of entry.
  • When the inspection has been completed and approved by customs, the consignee may apply to the Department of Exoneration for full clearance of the shipment.
  • The used household goods and personal effects are duty-free if they have been in the possession of the shipper and consignee for a minimum of two years.
  • You are only allowed to import one shipment of used household goods and personal effects using duty-free.
  • The new items being imported are subject to duties and taxes.

Shipping cars to the Dominican Republic

USG Shipping can move your vehicles either loaded into the container (20’ & 40’ available) or Roll on/Roll off. We can help you bundle shipping your household goods and vehicles together! Our team offers special rates on Roll on/Roll off (Ro/Ro) to the Dominican Republic. Our rates are very competitive from anywhere in the USA to any destination city in the Dominican Republic. Weekly sailings are available to the Dominican Republic, so get your special low rate and we can book your vehicle on the next sail.

There are several regulations for importing a motor vehicle into the Dominican Republic. Before you take such action, you should be aware of the regulations:

  • Customer needs to be present in the Dominican Republic for customs clearance of any vehicle.
  • One person is only allowed to import one car.
  • The vehicle being imported must be in the owner's possession for a minimum of one year before importing.
  • Only vehicles with the engine size of six cylinders are allowed.
  • All kinds of luxury and exotic cars are not allowed unless for short periods of time. 
  • All kinds of bikes are subject to taxes and duties.

When shipping to the Dominican Republic, the following documents are required for Customs Clearance: 

  • Original title and registration of the vehicle
  • Commercial or original purchase invoice
  • Original driver's license
  • Dominican consular invoice, stamped by the Dominican consulate in the US

If you still have questions concerning the clearance of your cargo in the Dominican Republic, please contact the Dominican Embassy in Washington. 

Air freight to the Dominican Republic

USG offers air freight to the Dominican Republic delivered to any major airport throughout the country or door-to-door service. We know that some freight is time-sensitive, which is why we offer standard air and express air freight. You will need to provide the weight and dimensions of your cargo along with your zip code in the US and postcode in the Dominican Republic.

Contact us for inquiries and bookings on your freight to the Dominican Republic!