Shipping to Paraguay from USA

Shipping to Paraguay from USA

When you are searching for an international shipping company with previous experience on shipping to Paraguay, USG could be the place to call. USG has many years of experience and knowledge of handling the shipping to Paraguay and we will use this experience for your shipment.  You may have a car or truck to ship to Paraguay, we do it all! There is a limited number of Ocean Freight carriers offering service to Paraguay but USG made sure to have a contract and provide the needed ocean freight for full container and even Less than the container.
With a weekly shipment from all the US Ports to Paraguay, our ocean freight service includes all kinds of commodities from commercial, personal and cars.

Our well-established connections ensure the timely arrival and delivery of your shipment. We offer Ocean freight and Air freight to Paraguay including the following cities below:

Shipping to Asuncion

For the ocean, we can offer consolidated containers to reduce your shipping cost, and we can offer you a standard 20’ container or 40’ standard container if you needed. We offer a port-to-port service! USG is a trusted company, for your cargo to Paraguay.

The rules and regulations for shipping to Paraguay could be quite complicated so better to do all the research prior and make sure to not start the shipping prior.

Located in the center of South America, Paraguay is a country small in size compared to Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay lies on both banks of the Paraguay River, which runs through the center of the county from north to south. USG can assist you in the correct way to get your cargo where it needs to be.

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