Shipping to Africa from USA

Shipping to Africa from USA

When it comes to shipping cars , container or other items USG offers the best service to Africa. Africa has many natural resources and also a lot of needs to import many different types of products. Because of the volume some of the Ocean Freight Carriers have started to offer a direct shipment from the USA to Africa . Shipping to Africa can be very challenging because of all the issues and government regulations that often require professional assistance. In US General Shipping we have the knowledge and experience to navigate through these challenges. US General Shipping specialized in shipping to Africa from USA and can handle all your shipping requests. We usually offer better rate for NON Profit Organization for shipping containers to Africa. USG guaranties the lowest rates for Ocean Shipping to Africa howevere, We do not believe just providing the cheapest rate for shipping to Africa will be enough and we also consider to provide a very quality service for your freight to Africa. As one of the Top Shipping Companies in Africa, we are offering all types of shipping services to Africa. Beside being the top Africa Car Carrier, USG is also among the largest provider for container shipping to Africa.

- Shipping Container to Africa

- Shipping Cars from USA to Africa

- Shipping to Africa by Sea 

- Shipping to Africa by Air

Shipping to East Africa

US General Shipping Line is offering

freight services from USA

to all the Countries in East Africa. Our Services include:

- Freight from USA to Djibouti

- Freight from USA to Kenya

- Freight from USA to Tanzania

Shipping to West Africa

US General Shipping Line is providing freight services from USA to all the Countries with Seaport in West Africa. Our main services in West Africa include:

- Freight from USA to Ghana

-Freight from USA to Nigeria

-Freight from USA to Cameroon

-Freight from USA to Liberia

  Shipping to North Africa

USG Shipping Line offers shipping services to all the Seaports in North Africa. Some of our services are:

-Freight from USA to Algeria

-Freight from USA to Libya

-Freight from USA to Morocco

-Freight from USA to Egypt

  Shipping to Southern Africa

Southern Part of Africa is also a part of US General Shipping Line Services. Some of our Freight Services in South Africa are:

-Freight from USA to South Africa

-Freight from USA to Namibia

 Shipping to Indian Ocean

US General Shipping Line is offering full container load to all the Indian Ocean Ports.

 Shipping to others Country in Africa (Without Seaport)

 USG Shipping Line offers the shipping service to all the countries without seaport in the Landlocked countries .

Please call us at 310-326-2200 if you need a rate for Shipping your cars to Africa.