Shipping to Tunisia from USA


Are you searching for a shipping company for shipping commercial or personal items to Tunisia? Well, you are at the right place and our agents make sure to offer the rate for shipping to Tunisia from your door in the US or Canada. We ship to Rades and Tunis and Arabic and French Speaking customer service representatives, USG Shipping Line provides you with all the necessary tools to make your shipping process to Tunisia as smoothest as possible. We can help you with moving any type of cargo to Tunisia. In order to get International shipping quote, you need to send your request online and we will give you the details of your quote within 24 hours.  Our container shipping to Tunisia is weekly base and it sails from the east coast and west coast.
 USG Shipping will give you a door to port service for either 20 or 40-footer container from any place in the USA or Canada both of these ports. Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and it is also the largest port of entry. Tunisia is one of the strongest USA Partner in North Africa. There are some large US companies invested in Tunisia, and there is a good relationship between the two countries.

Shipping Cars to Tunisia:

It is very easy to find out the import tax for shipping a car to Tunisia. You will need to go and advice the information about your car in theTunisia Customs Website and you will have the amount of duty within a few minutes. The Website is not always updated for all the cars, so you may need to contact them directly to get that information. It is important to check all the restriction before shipping your car to Tunisia.

Air freight to Tunisia: 

Every week we ship boxes and other items by air to Tunisia.  The air freight is a great option if your shipment needs to reach Tunis within a few days or if it’s less than a few hundred pounds.  The cost of air shipping to Tunisia is $2.95 to $4.95 per pound depending on the weight of the cargo. Tunis Carthage International Airport (IATA: TUN) is the main point of entry for all the cargo that is getting shipped via Air to Tunisia. We can arrange the pick-up service from any locations in the USA or Canada and ship your cargo to Tunisia. At this time, there is no direct service from the USA to Tunisia, but we have contracts with different Airlines allowing to ship to Tunisia via Europe.

About Tunisia 

Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa. It is bordered by Libya to the South East, Algeria to the West, the Mediterranean Sea on the North and East. With USG Shipping Line, you can have a very out Standing Service from your door in the US or Canada to any ports in Tunisia. Tunisia has two major ports of entry which are Tunis and Rades.

What can I ship to Tunisia?  There are some items that you can’t ship to Tunisia, but if you need to know the details you better to check with the Embassy of Tunisia in Washington DC.  You can’t ship weapons or any military items to Tunisia according to US Customs.

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