Shipping to South Africa from USA

Shipping to South Africa

Need to ship a container to South Africa? Or maybe you need to ship a package via air freight? Whatever you need, USG Shipping has you covered with convenient air freight shipping to South Africa and container shipping to South Africa. We specialize in shipping goods from the USA to South Africa, exporting anything from packages to multi-container shipments.

If you need quick pricing, fill out the quote form above. Just enter the pick-up location, the final destination and what type of stuff you’re shipping. We typically respond within an hour. We can pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada. Ready to learn more about shipping overseas to South Africa? USG Shipping makes air freight and ocean shipping a breeze!

About South Africa
South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is the southernmost country in Africa. Johannesburg is the capital and largest city of this beautiful country. To the south, it features 2,800 kil (1,740 mi) of scenic coastline stretching along the South Atlantic and Indian oceans. Neighboring countries to the north include Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. To the east and northeast, you will find Mozambique and Swaziland.

For years, South Africa was one of the only countries on the southernmost portion of Africa with the capacity to receive goods via ocean. With no navigable rivers, coastal shipping provides its only viable water transport. South Africa’s network of roads and railways— which happens to be the most extensive on the continent—handles most of the transportation demand, along with air travel. All South African ports are owned and operated by South African Port Operations and Transnet National Ports Authority.

The major ports in South Africa are Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Ngqura. USG Shipping Line offers containerized service to the following locations in South Africa:

  • Shipping to Johannesburg 
  • Shipping to Cape Town
  • Shipping to Port Elizabeth
  • Shipping to Ngqura

Air Freight to South Africa:

With many years of experience, USG Shipping offers air freight services to all the international airports in South Africa, with convenient daily services to all of the busiest airports. Please contact us for your air freight request to South Africa and our team will provide you the quote accordingly.

  • Cape Town International Airport
  • Durban International Airport (King Shaka)
  • Johannesburg International Airport

Our Freight Service to South Africa include:

  • Shipping Boxes to South Africa
  • Shipping Cars to South Africa
  • Shipping Trucks to South Africa
  • Shipping Containers to South Africa
  • Shipping Commercial cargo to South Africa
  • Shipping Household Goods (HHG)/Furniture to South Africa
  • Shipping LCL/FCL freight to South Africa
  • Shipping Air Freight to South  Africa

Most commonly exported commodities from US to South Africa 

The following are the most commonly traded export commodities from US to South Africa:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Automobiles and automotive parts
  • Aerospace and technologies
  • Electrical power systems
  • Green building technologies
  • Information technology
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Mining equipment and products
  • Rail infrastructure
  • Port and maritime infrastructure


Air Freight to South Africa:

Here at USG Shipping, we offer air freight to all the international airports in South Africa. USG offers shipping services to these airports:

  • Cape Town International Airport
  • Durban International Airport (King Shaka)
  • Johannesburg International Airport

USG Shipping specializes in International shipping and freight forwarding. Our extensive network of agents and warehouses across US and South Africa positions us to seamlessly handle your cargo with reliability and efficiency you can count on. Please send us your quote request if you need to ship to South Africa and we will provide the most competitive rates FAST. Shipping to South Africa from the United States is easy when you use a reliable company like USG Shipping. We look forward to hearing from you!

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