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USG Shipping provides all types of shipping services from the US and Canada to Namibia.  You can ask for a free quote for shipping to Namibia.  We also give shipping services for Diplomatic Cargo in Namibia as well as the Military Cargo. With a weekly service for shipping to Namibia, USG is the leader of this rout.

Whether you’re shipping construction equipment like excavator or caterpillar machinery, our network of warehouses and logistics partners allow us to handle your heavy machinery shipment from any auction or dealership. Our strategic warehouses located next to major ports in the USA including Los Angeles, Newark, Savannah, Houston, Seattle, and Miami allow us to move your cargo to the nearest warehouse. By default, we always quote you based on the shortest transit pair from origin to destination. We have various warehouses across the major ports in the US who specialized in dismantling heavy machinery and oversize cargo to fit them in a 40ft container. This is the best way to move oversize cargo to Namibia, considering the ro-ro service is rarely available to Namibia.

The port of Walvis Bay and Luderitz are the two ports of entry in Namibia.  At this time, the port of Walvis Bay with the capacity for receiving containers, Over-sized, and Roll-on-Roll-Off Cargo.  The Port of Namibia is also used for the containers, that gets shipped to nearby land-locked African Countries.  We have special rates to Namibia with CMA-CGM and Maersk.

Our shipping services to Namibia include:

  • Container Shipping: This gets handled with a door to port move or door to door for some commercial cargo.  For the personal and household goods shipment we will offer a door to port service from any locations in the US to the port in Namibia.  No matter if the shipment is commercial or personal when cargo reaches to your door for loading, it will be on a chassis and that is 4 feet high off the ground.
  • Air Freight  ,  Small boxes  and courier service from the US to Namibia :One of our most popular service from the USA to Namibia is our door to door service for small boxes and medium-sized shipments which do not fall under ‘freight’ thus allowing us to give a fast express service from door to door via FedEx or DHL. Whether you are in a business with needs to ship small packages to Namibia and avoid the exponential retail cost of shipping, or you’re a person who needs to send us a gift item to friends and family, you can count on USG Shipping to give you the most reliable and efficient service. In addition to small boxes and courier service we also offer comprehensive air freight service from any place from the USA to Namibia. The air freight service is available for door to airport move. We can handle anywhere from single pallet shipments to large quantities of commercial goods for your business need. All of our air shipments get handled through weekly cargo flights from major airports in the USA to Hosea Kotoko International Airport.

Car shipping to Walvis Bay, Namibia: At this time we only ship cars to Namibia if loaded into the container.  4 Mid-size cars or 3 SUVs gets loaded into the 40 HC. Port of Walvis Bay is the main port of entry in Namibia.  USG ships both Full and Less than Containers (FCL/LCL) and Air Freight to Walvis Bay.  Please send us a Free Rate Request and allow us about 24 hours to give you the quote.  At this time for shipping car to Walvis Bay, we will need to load the car into the container. 

At this time we offer weekly container shipping to Namibia but our services are not the same when it comes to Ro-Ro and Break Bulk due logistics and facility constraints in Namibia. We ship all kind of Trucks, cars and other commodities to Walvis Bay.  When asking for a quote for Walvis Bay, please give us the type of car or the measurements of the truck along with year and model. 

Common export commodities and products from the USA to Namibia 

  • Mineral fuels export from the USA to Namibia ($27 million )
  • Misc chemical export from the USA to Namibia ($19 million )
  • Machinery export from the USA to Namibia ($13 million )
  • Precious metal and stone export from the USA to Namibia ($9 million )
  • Agricultural products export from the USA to Namibia ($8 million)

Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia; is a country in southern Africa whose western border is on the Atlantic Ocean.  It shares land borders with Zambia and Angola to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south.  Although it does not border Zimbabwe, less than 650 feet from the Zambezi River, separates the two countries.  Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990, after the Namibian War of Independence.  There are no cities that exceed 300,000 people, and its capital and largest city are Windhoek, with a population of 270,000

There is a friendly relationship between the USA and Namibia which helps with facilitating exports from the United States.  The Namibia government is seeking diversity in their import and export freight.  Namibia’s largest import into the US has been uranium, while their largest export into the US has been transportation equipment.  To find more information about the import regulations in Namibia, please contact the Customs in Namibia. In 2014 the United States had one of its largest trading volumes of imports and exports at about $343 million dollars.

If you have any shipping needs to Namibia, please contact us for a free quote and our dedicated team of professionals will gladly help you in your shipping needs.

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