Shipping to Zambia from USA


When you are in need of sending goods to Zambia give a try to USG Shipping! The Republic if Zambia is a landlocked country in the south-central side of Africa.  Zambia borders surrounded by, going clockwise; Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola.  The capital of Zambia and largest city is Lusaka and the countryside has many awe-inspiring natural wonders, a wealth of wildlife, large areas of water, and welcoming people.

Zambia does not have access to the seaport however shipping carriers are using nearby ports of entry in Africa as a transshipment port.  We can offer you the shipping to Zambia either by Beira, Dar Es Salaam, and Durban.  The most convenient Way is Beira as it has the shortest transit distance.  Avoid the challenges of shipping to Zambia by using USG’s shipping ability.

USG Shipping Line offers shipping service to Lusaka and Ndola in Zambia.  Both of these locations have Customs Yards with carrier depots where containers need must get cleared and unloaded.  Major carriers will offer 7 days free of charge for the consignee to return their equipment.

We also offer air cargo to Zambia.  In order for us to give rates for shipping your cargo to Zambia by Air, we will need you to give us the volume, weight, and the origin of the shipment.

Shipping to Ndola 

Shipping to Lusaka 

You may have a customer asking you for a shipping quote to Lusaka or just looking to move there. Whatever is the reason you possibly need a shipping rate for Lusaka and here at USG, we can help with your request.  Your shipment could be either via Ocean or Air and we make sure to deliver it to the dry port in Lusaka.

Lusaka is the largest city and capital of Zambia. It is the center of commerce and economy. Lusaka is one of the Dry Port in Zambia along with Ndola where we offer full container and less than container shipping service.

For shipping containers to Lusaka, we first need to ship the container to one of the ports of entries in East or South Africa. Usually, the shipment first will go to Beira, Dar Es Salaam or Durban and from there it gets transported to Zambia. It is important to arrange the pick up of your cargo as soon as it arrives at Lusaka to avoid possible demurrage or storage fee. 

We also offer the best rate for Shipping to Ndola.  Please check the import regulation at the Zambia Revenue Authority and make sure that you know all the details.

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