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Shipping to Zambia from USA


When you are in need of sending goods to Zambia give a try to USG Shipping! The Republic if Zambia is a landlocked country in the south-central side of Africa.  Zambia borders surrounded by, going clockwise; Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola.  The capital of Zambia and largest city is Lusaka and the countryside has many awe-inspiring natural…

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Shipping to Zimbabwe from USA


It’s maybe the time for you to ship a container to Zimbabwe and you are looking for a shipping rate to Zimbabwe?  You may have a box or pallet that you like to ship to Zimbabwe? USG is the place where all the options for shipping to Zimbabwe are available.  USG Shipping Line offers shipping services to Zimbabwe. The cargo could be…

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Shipping to Namibia from USA


USG Shipping provides all types of shipping services from the US and Canada to Namibia.  You can ask for a free quote for shipping to Namibia.  We also give shipping services for Diplomatic Cargo in Namibia as well as the Military Cargo. With a weekly service for shipping to Namibia, USG is the leader of this rout. Whether you’re shipping construction equipment like…

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Shipping to Angola from USA


Are you looking for a shipping company to help you with shipping your cargo to Angola?  You must ask us for a shipping rate to Angola! We have extended knowledge and ability in this domain and handled many different types of cargo. When calling ask for Selina as she handled many shipments to Angola and fully aware of each step of…

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Shipping to Tunisia from USA


Are you searching for a shipping company for shipping commercial or personal items to Tunisia? Well, you are at the right place and our agents make sure to offer the rate for shipping to Tunisia from your door in the US or Canada.   We ship to Rades and Tunis and with Arabic and French Speaking customer service representatives, USG Shipping Line provides you…

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Shipping to Morocco from USA


Next time when you need to ship to Morocco, select the specialized company with many years of experience on shipping to Morocco. If we have all the needed information, we will give the quote in less than a day.  Once you have USG shipping rate to Morocco, feel free to compare that with other companies and we will match…

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Shipping to Libya from USA


Libya is a country in North Africa. The capital of the country is Tripoli. Libya is one of the biggest importers in North Africa. Because of many years of economic sanction by the USA the country was importing most of their needs either from China or Russia. During the last few years, Libya became one of the largest importers…

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Shipping to Egypt from US


When it comes to any type of request for shipping to Egypt, USG’s is one of the main shipping company to Egypt. The items could be used or new, full container load or less than a container, Ocean or Air freight, we make sure to ship it safely to Egypt. USG Shipping Line provides very reliable operation for all kinds of shipments…

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Shipping to Algeria from USA


Are you searching for a shipping company with the previous experience handling the cargo to or from Algeria?  With a local agent based in Algeria, we can offer import or export from or to Algeria. Our service includes the pick up from point of Origin in the US and shipping to Algeria. We are very well specialized in shipping…

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Shipping to Togo from USA


When it comes to shipping to Togo, there are certain details that need to be verified before USG can provide you with a quote! The first thing is the commodity, then the size of container needed and lastly the origin of your cargo! Togo is a Country in West Africa Bordered by Benin to the East, Ghana to the West, Burkina Faso to…

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