Shipping to Libya from USA

Shipping to Libya from USA

Libya is a country on the North Africa. The capital of the country is Tripoli. Libya is one of the biggest importers in North Africa. Because of many years of economic sanction by the USA the country was importing most of their needs either from China or Russia. During the last few years Libya became one the largest importer for the American products.

USG Shipping Line has been specialized for all the shipping services to Libya. We have special Autos rates from East-Coast or West Coats to Libya. We offer also roll on roll off services. We also ship hazardous, over-sized and any other type of commodity to Libya.

We offer shipping services to the following ports in Libya

Shipping to Tripoli

Shipping to Benghazi

Shipping to Khoms

Shipping to Misrata


Air Freight to Libya

Shipping to Libya from USA

Libya has three international Airports;

1) Tripoli International Airport IATA (TIP)

2) Benina International Airport IATA ( BEN) in Benghazi

3) La Abraq International Airport IATA (LAQ) in Bayda

Here at USG shipping Line we offer Air Freight service for any type of cargo to all of these airports. Your rate will be based by the chargeable weight. You do not need to be worry on finding the chargeable weight, once you provide us the dimensions and weight of the boxes or pallets , we will advise your total cost based by the chargeable weight. We have special Airfreight rate to Tripoli and Benghazi. You only need to provide us the volume, weight and origin of the shipment in order for us to provide you with an accurate quote.