Shipping to Kenya


Kenya borders Indian Ocean to the south-east, Tanzania on the south, South Sudan on the north-west. Uganda to the West, Ethiopia and Somalia to the north-east. Nairobi the largest city and the Capital of the country.

 USG Shipping Line  offers shipping service from anywhere  in the USA or Canada to Kenya .The port of entry in Kenya is Mombasa and it is  the largest port of the Eastern  Africa .Most of the imports to Kenya are Iron, Steel, Transportation Equipment, Cars and Petroleum Products. Because of the economic beneficial, the government of Kenya had invested on their transport system in order to become the center of transit in East Africa. Shipments to many other countries like Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda will be transported out of Mombasa port.


 If you are looking to ship to Kenya but your final destination is not in Kenya please make sure to let us know in advance we can prepare your document properly. In this case.  We will make sure that your bill of lading meets all the requirements for transshipment of the container or cargo out of Mombasa without being involved with the import duty.


At  USG Shipping Line, we also offer  shipping service for less then container, Hazardous and oversize cargo to Kenya. Please click on the link below more details about shipping to Mombasa.

Shipping to Mombasa

 We have a special rate for Truck to Mombasa out of Houston, Boston, Bayonne, Baltimore, Savannah and Jacksonville.

Airfreight to Kenya

USG Shipping also offers Airfreight service to Nairobi international Airport.  The Airfreight charge may depend to the volume and weight of the cargo. Our minimum charge for Airfreight to Kenya is based by 150kg.Please contact us for rate or question.


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