Shipping to Djibouti from USA


Whenever you are looking for an international shipping company offering service for shipping to Djibouti, you should contact the USG team. Either you need a shipping rate or have questions regarding a shipment to Djibouti, we will make sure to address your concerns.

Port Djibouti is one of the most strategic port in the World. Djibouti is the port of entry for shipping to some other countries including Ethiopia. Also, because of all the military bases in Djibouti, there are so many requests to ship military and diplomatic cargo. Port of Djibouti is one of the most protected ports in Africa and has the capacity for any type of cargo. USG Shipping offers extended shipping service to Djibouti. We can ship your cargo to Djibouti no matter if it is less than a container, full container hazardous, over-sized cargo or military.  Usually, customers request to purchase the container before shipping to Djibouti so it can be used as storage or for transshipment purpose. This option is always available with USG and our logistics team handle the coordination for the survey exam of the container and make sure that container is seaworthy certificate before shipping it to Djibouti.

We have a special rate for over-sized construction equipment out of Houston, Boston, Bayonne, Baltimore, Savannah, and Jacksonville. We have service contracts with the most reliable shipping lines to Djibouti. Our services include:

– Shipping Boxes to Djibouti: For few boxes, less than container load and Air freights are the most convenient solutions.

– Shipping Cars to Djibouti

– Shipping Containers to Djibouti

– Shipping Truck to Djibouti

USG Shipping Line also offers Air freight service to Djibouti Airport and also door delivery is available to the US Navy bases in Djibouti.   

Please give us a call or send us an email when you have a question regarding the shipping to Djibouti.