Shipping to Kenya from USA


The next time, if you need to ship a container, box or pallet to Kenya choose the service of USG Shipping. With many years of extended experience on shipping to Kenya, we make sure to provide the most reliable service and information to avoid any issue when your container reaches the destination.

Here at USG Shipping Line, we offer shipping service from any locations in the United States or Canada to Kenya.  The main port of entry in Kenya is, Mombasa and that is also the largest port in the East Africa region.  With some carriers, we ship containers to Nairobi the capital of Kenya where recently they built a dry port. The larger import commodities for Kenya are Irons, Steels, Transportation Equipment, Cars and Petroleum products.  Because of the economic benefits and job opportunities, the Government of Kenya has heavily invested in its transportation infrastructure to become the center of transit in East Africa.  Shipments to many other countries like Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda will be transported via Mombasa port.  The port offers wavers for some of the containers with demurrage or storage charges but, it is important to have the containers customs cleared within a few days after the arrival to avoid penalties.

It is important for us to know, prior to the shipment, that your end destination is not actually Kenya.  This is so we can prepare the proper documents and bill of lading according to the transshipment regulations in Kenya.  In this case, we will make sure that your bill of lading meets all the requirements for transshipment of the container or cargo out of Mombasa without being involved with the import duty. Since the Mombasa, Kenya acts as a transit hub for shipments going through neighboring countries many clients move their goods through this route.

Here at USG, we are specialized in:

  • Shipping Container to Kenya: Our container shipping to Mombasa, Kenya is on a weekly basis from all major ports in the US.
  • Shipping Truck to Kenya: We specialize in RoRo shipping, break bulk, trucks, and heavy machinery from all major US ports to Mombasa, Kenya
  • Shipping Boxes to Kenya: We also provide LCL and air freight for small boxes to large commercial pieces from all major US ports and airports.

The cost of shipping to Kenya is associated with the type and volume of the cargo you are transporting.  The origin of shipment is also an important parameter for calculating the shipping charge to Kenya.  At USG Shipping Line, we also offer shipping service for less than container (LCL), hazardous freight, and oversize cargo into Kenya.

We have a special rate for trucks to Mombasa out of Houston, Boston, Bayonne, Baltimore, Savannah, and Jacksonville. We can also ship trucks loaded in the 40 footer container at our warehouse in Newark, Miami, and Houston.

In Los Angeles, we offer Flat Rack service for shipping large trucks and break bulk cargo to Mombasa, Kenya. Unfortunately, there is currently no RoRo service from Los Angeles at this moment.

Air freight to Kenya 

USG Shipping also offers Air freight service to Nairobi International Airport.  The Air Freight charges may depend on the volume and weight of the cargo.  Our minimum charge for Air freight to Kenya is based on 150 kg.  Please contact us for rate or question.

We also specialize in handling small boxes shipments through FedEx and DHL for your convenience. This is a door to door service for your convenience.

  • Shipping to Kenya from Dallas 
  • Shipping to Kenya from New York
  • Shipping used clothing to Kenya 
  • Shipping to Kenya from Houston
  • Shipping to Kenya from Seattle
  • Shipping to Kenya from Los Angeles

You may find the answer to some of your questions regarding Customs regulation in Kenya at Customs in Kenya.  USG is among the largest Shipping Companies to Kenya.  If you need any quotes for Shipping to Kenya, please send us your request with all the details, and we will provide you the quote as soon as possible.  We offer 30 days transit to Mombasa from most East Coast ports. Transit time from US West Coast ports to Mombasa, Kenya generally ranges from 50-55 days.  Transit times are not guaranteed and it is subject to change.

Most commonly exported commodities/products from the USA to Kenya include the following (2017): 

  • Aircraft export to Kenya  ($154 million )
  • Machinery export to Kenya ($56 million )
  • Cereals, wheat export to Kenya  ($36 million )
  • Plastics export to Kenya ($19 million)
  • US Agricultural export including vegetable oils, pulses, prepared food, and coarse grain ($74 million)

US exports to Kenya has increased by 14.4% from 2016 to 2017. According to the United States, Trade Representative (USTR) export to Kenya will likely to increase in the coming years.

We at USG shipping have been specializing in providing fast and efficient service at the most cost-effective rates for various cargo and commodities to Kenya. Let our experts handle your shipment with care and ease!

Shipping cars to Kenya: If you need to ship a car to Kenya keep in mind that vehicles in Kenya are left-sided. If your vehicle will be transported to another country after arrival to Kenya, you will need to request a temporary permit from Kenyan Customs and drive the car and pass the border with your car.

Cost of shipping car  to Kenya from the US via ro-ro:

– Mid-Size / Small car from NJ, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Miami: $1950

-Large Size /SUV  Car from NJ, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Miami: $2485

 Shipping to Kenya from USA

About Kenya

The country of Kenya bordered by the Indian Ocean to the southeast, Tanzania in the south, South Sudan on the north-west, Uganda to the West, Ethiopia, and Somalia to the northeast.  Kenya means Dark Blue in the African Union and the city of Nairobi the largest city and the Capital of the country.

Shipping to Mombasa

Weather Mombasa is the final destination of your shipment or not when you ship to Mombasa better to make sure that paperwork meets all the local requirement.  Being the largest port in East Africa, Mombasa is also the second largest city in Kenya, with a population of over 1.3 million.  The city is situated in the east coast of Kenya by the Indian Ocean.  When you are shipping to Mombasa, USG Shipping Line can offer you a very competitive rate, no matter what is the type of shipments like need container shipment, less than a container, or project cargo.

Mombasa could be used as the port of transshipment for shipping the cargo to Kampala or Rwanda.  USG can deliver a container to you or your supplier at any location in the US or Canada when you need to arrange for the loading. Upon request,   We also provide offer loading services at our CFA warehouses in Houston, Long Beach, Newark, and San Francisco.  You can ship cars to Mombasa via RORO or containerized services.  USG uses CMA or Maersk for such services.  These carriers offer container shipping to Mombasa either from the West or East coasts of the US.

For consolidation services, we will pick up the cargo up by our team from any location in the US or you can deliver it to one of our many receiving depots in the country. USG offers roll-on-roll-off services to Mombasa from Houston and all the ports in the East Coast and for that, we use most major Shipping Lines going to Mombasa.  Keep in mind that ro-ro service is limited from the West Coast for Mombasa.

See below some of the shipping services that US General offers for Port of Mombasa:

  • Shipping Container to Mombasa
  • Shipping Cars to Mombasa
  • Shipping Truck to Mombasa
  • Shipping Boxes to Mombasa
  • Shipping Break Bulk to Mombasa
  • We also ship over-sized cargo, hazardous materials and other types of the commodity to Mombasa

How to start the shipping process to Mombasa Kenya:

  • First, you need to contact us with the details of your shipment including; the commodity, volume, and its location in the US.  Please also provide us with the name of the port in Mombasa Kenya where you like to ship your cargo.
  • We will provide you with a competitive quote for our services; where we can either deliver the container to your address, for you to personally load it with your commercial cargo, or personal items.  Please note that the container stays on the chassis and we provide 2 hours free for loading.  We can also provide you with drop-and-pick services up to a few days, and this service could be free depending on the loading location.
  • For certain commodities, we can mix your shipment and also co-load your vehicles onto the shipping container at our loading docks in Long Beach, San Francisco, Houston, Newark, and New Jersey.  You can either deliver your vehicles personally to one of our warehouses or we can arrange the pickup by one of our car carrier.  We would require a complete inventory of the items that you have in the container so that we can provide you with an accurate Bill of Lading.
  • Once loading is completed and your container has been delivered to the port you can pay the remaining due balance.  Once the shipment is fully paid, will issue the release for your container.

For the questions about the Customs regulation in Mombasa Kenya, you may better to contact the Mombasa Kenya Customs.  You can also contact the Embassy of in Washington D.C. To ship a vehicle to Mombasa please check our Vehicle shipping page for the requires document.

Updated Information: Kenya Customs authority has started to enforce the pre-inspection requirement (SGS).  Before purchasing any items, we recommend you to check the cost of SGS inspection certificate. SGS certificate is a mandatory requirement by Kenyan Customs.

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