Shipping to West Africa


The USG Shipping Lines provides direct and indirect air and ocean freight services to 17 countries in West Africa. through a growing network of 23 ports scattered across the sub-region. USG’s West Africa shipping lines cover all the major shipping ports in this area. We can help to move your freight to all countries in West Africa, regardless of the type, volume, and origin of it.

Shipping to West Africa become easier, faster and cheaper because of the huge volume and direct services from the USA to West Africa. USG Shipping line offers both direct and indirect services from the East Coast to all countries in this region. We also offer roll on roll off or ro-ro service from the East Coast to West Africa. Our shipping rates to West Africa is one of the lowest in the market. Most customers asking for Grimaldi Lines but keep in mind that Grimaldi shipping schedules to West Africa are bi-weekly basis!

We offer the following shipping services to West Africa:

  • Shipping Container

  • Shipping Cars

  • Shipping by Air

  • Shipping Boxes

Below you can find the list of the countries where we offer shipping service.

shipping to Benin

shipping to Cameroon

shipping to Democratic Republic of Congo

shipping to Ivory Coast

shipping to Equatorial Guinea

shipping to Gabon

shipping to Gambia

shipping to Ghana

shipping to Guinea Conakry

shipping to Liberia

shipping to Mauritania

shipping to Nigeria

shipping to Senegal

shipping to Sierra Leone

shipping to Togo


Shipping Cars Services

West Africa by far is the largest importer of used American cars. Most of the countries in West Africa have a restriction of 15 years old for importing cars which facilitate and increase the volume of Cars Shipping to West Africa. We also offer roll on roll off service for shipping Trucks, School Buses and Tractors.

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