Shipping to Benin from USA

Shipping to Benin from USA

If you have a car, truck or any other items and need a shipping rate to Benin, trust our extended knowledge and experience on shipping to Benin. USG Shipping Line is experts in Car Shipping to Benin. We export vehicles including cars, vans, and trucks (new and used) from the US to Benin at the cheapest prices and fastest Transit. In order to provide you with an accurate quote for shipping to Benin, we require the model and year of the vehicle. There are two ways you can ship your car, van or truck. You can use either a shipping container or you can export by Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) shipping (cheapest and most popular).

Shipping Car via RoRo to Benin: RoRo shipping is the cheapest method of shipping vehicles to Benin, Cotonou. RoRo ships are vessels that are specially designed to ship wheeled cargo such as cars, vans, or trucks. They have in-built ramps that allow the cars to be driven on or off the ship. For those looking to export vans, trucks or lorries please contact us with the dimensions/weight for an accurate quote. Our car and van shipping prices include ALL costs from the USA to Benin ports. USG is the leader in the industry for Car Shipping to Benin.

Shipping Container to Benin: We can ship any type of your cargo to Benin with either 20 or 40 footers. It is more expensive but your vehicle would be secure in its own container. Also with container shipping, you can put personal items when exporting to Cotonou.

Shipping and Exporting Terms For Benin

1. Shipping prices to are subject to change after 30 days from the date they were issued and sent. They are also subject to space and schedule.

2. On the Ro-Ro Shipment, You are not allowed to put personal items in their vehicles. However, you can put personal effects in the shipping container to Benin.

3. Upon arrival, Client is responsible for any charges at destination port in Benin, Cotonou.

Our Shipping Services to Benin is not limited to container shipping and Roll on Roll off, we also offer consolidation and Air Freight. If you are looking to ship just some boxes to Benin, we have a different type of options for Benin.

Shipping to Cotonou

Cotonou is the main port of entry in Benin. We offer container and roll on roll off shipping to Cotonou. Please call us for your shipping inquiry and we will provide you the rate and shipping schedule. US General Shipping specialized in Shipping cars to Africa from the USA and we are looking forward to providing you the quote and service.

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