Shipping to Nigeria from USA

Shipping to Nigeria from USA


Are you looking to ship to Nigeria? Do you need help with all the process on how to ship a container, car or any other cargo to Nigeria? Here at USG, we can help you with many years of accumulated experience of shipping to Nigeria. USG has an extended knowledge on how to ship to Nigeria. We have dealt with Nigerian Customs and NPO ( Nigerian Port Autority) and learn 

 The Country of Nigeria is located in West Africa and it borders Benin in the west, Cameroon and Chad to the east, Niger on the North, and the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Guinea in the south.  Nigeria is one of the largest importers from the United States and the Nigerian Port Authority, NPA, manages all of Nigeria’s Ports.  In order for them to meet all the international standard and modernization processes, the NPA, has decided to offer operating rights of a few terminals to certain private European lines.  Under the terms of permit agreements, the government agreed to lease the terminals and transfer operating rights to privates companies for a limited number of years, without forgoing ownership of the port land.  ACL is one of the first steam ship lines who has completely taken over management all of their import and export containers in Nigeria. 

Shipping to Nigeria from USA

Nigeria’s main container port is in Lagos, which handles approximately just less then 6 million tons of cargo annually.  Lagos, has two major terminals; Apapa and Tin Can.  One of the most modern ports in Nigeria is Port Onne which is managed by Multinational Oil companies.

With many years of experiences and knowledge, USG Shipping Line can offer very competitive prices and services for all types of cargo to Nigeria.  Even though container shipping to Nigeria remains the number one mode of transportation, your cargo can be shipped via Break Bulk or Roll-on-Roll-off to Nigeria.

Please see the list of the ports in Nigeria where USG offer shipping services: 

Shipping to Lagos

Shipping to Apapa


There are also other ports we offer shipping to:

-  Shipping to Tin can Island : It is the current main port of entry in Nigeria .

-  Shipping to Onne (Port Harcourt) : The port located on the north side of the country .


The Port Harcourt is the capital of the River State which is in the Niger Delta and is the main hub for the petroleum industry of Nigeria.  Recently there are more requests for shipping to Port Harcourt in Nigeria due to the recent business development.  Port Onne is the main port of entry in Harcourt area and it is equipped with the most advanced logistics infrastructure.  At US General Shipping, we offer special rate for shipping to Port Harcourt for any type of Oil Industry Equipment. 


Cost of shipping car to Nigeria via Roll on Roll off:

Mid-Size Car: $975.00

SUV: $1150.00 


How to start the shipping process to Nigeria:

  • First, you need to contact us with the details of your shipment including; the commodity, volume, and its location in the US.  Please also provide us the name of the port in Nigeria where you like to ship your cargo.  At this time we offer shipping service to Apapa, Tin Can Island, and Onne (Harcourt).
  • We will provide you with a competitive quote for our services; where we can either deliver the container to your address, for you to personally load it with your commercial cargo, or personal items.  Please note that the container stays on the chassis and we provide 2 hours free for loading.  We can also provide you with drop-and-pick services up to a few days, and this service could be free depending on the loading location.
  • For certain commodities, we can mix your shipment and also co-load your vehicles onto the shipping container at our loading docks in Long Beach, San Francisco, Houston, Newark, and New Jersey.  You can either deliver your vehicles personally to one of our warehouses or we can arrange the pickup by one of our car carrier.  We would require an complete inventory of the items that you have in the container so that we can provide you with an accurate Bill of Lading.
  • Once loading is completed and your container has been delivered to the port you can pay the remaining due balance.  Once shipment is fully paid, will issue the release for your container.  USG Offers shipping services to Nigeria with United Arab, Maersk, Safmarine, ACL, and Delmas.

For question about the Customs regulation in Nigeria you may better to contact the Nigerian Customs .You can also contact the Embassy of Nigeria  in Washington D.C.

See below some of the most popular origins in the United States  :

  • Shipping to Nigeria from New York:  USG ships more than 250 Containers yearly from New York to Nigeria, we have local warehoused, docks, and agents who can handle your containers or RORO shipment from A-to-Z.  One of our special rates is shipping 4 cars in the 40 footer with an all inclusive rate of $3495.
  • Shipping to Nigeria from Newark:  We offer 25 days transit with Maersk.  We also ship with ACL and CMA and Cosco.
  • Shipping to Nigeria from New Jersey:  With our main warehouse in Newark, USG Can handle all type of services from NJ to Nigeria.
  • Shipping tdeom  California:  Our headquarter is based in California and we offer all type of shipping services from California to Nigeria; including Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Shipping to Nigeria from Maryland:  We offer Roll-On-Roll-Off from the Port of Baltimore to Nigeria.
  • Shipping to Nigeria from Texas:  We offer loading, shipping, warehousing, ocean, and air freight from Houston and Dallas to Nigeria.  
  • Shipping from Florida:  With a very strong network, USG can offer you loading and shipping service from anywhere in Florida to Nigeria.

We are one of the top shipping companies for Nigeria.  We offer one of the fastest transit time with our Maersk contract and we also have services with ACL, CMA CGM, Cosco and Maersk .

Our Freight Service to Nigeria include:

  • Shipping Boxes to Nigeria 
  • Shipping Cars to Nigeria 
  • Shipping Trucks to Nigeria 
  • Shipping Containers to Nigeria

 Air Freight to Nigeria:  

Here at US General Shipping, we offer Air Freight to all the international airports in Nigeria.  Please see below the list of International Airports where USG offer shipping services; 

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja

Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos

Port Harcourt International Airport in Port Harcourt

US General Shipping specializes in international shipping and is among the best for container shipping to Nigeria.  Please send us your quote request if you need to ship to Nigeria and we will make sure to provide the most competitive rate as soon as possible.  Shipping to Nigeria from the United States will become an easy process when you use a reliable company, like US General Shipping.

Updated information regarding the Shipping to Nigeria: 

During the recent years there have been many restrictions imposed by the Nigerian government which has lead to the decrease of the shipping request from USA to Nigeria. There are some confusion as far as, Form M number, and if such documentation maybe required or not.  The Form M is not required if you are shipping vehicles or personal goods.  Nigerian Customs do not allow the re-export of imported goods !