Shipping to Lagos Nigeria


Are you in the process of shipping to Lagos (Nigeria) and do you need a shipping rate for that?  With over 21 million populations, Lagos is the largest city in Africa. Even that Abuja is the Capital of the country but Lagos is the Trade Center of Nigeria or the of West Africa.  

Lagos has two ports of entries which are Apapa and Tin can Island. Due to the volume of requests for shipping, USG Shipping Line offers
Daily air freight service option and weekly ocean freight from all the cities in the US or Canada to Lagos Nigeria.

Shipping to Lagos Nigeria

We have special auto rates for shipping container or Roll on Roll of to Lagos. USG Freight also offer consolidation service for the commercial items that need to be shipped to Lagos.

For commercial items, you may require the Form M number once shipping, but that does not include the household goods or Autos shipment. Upon request, we can provide clearance for your shipment to Lagos-Nigeria.

Shipping Cars to Lagos from United States or Canada:

Please see below our special rates for roll on roll off to Lagos:

Mid-size cars: $1275.00

SUV: $1450.00

Our rates for Shipping 4 Cars loaded in the 40 Footer containers to Lagos:

Newark, NJ: $3450.00

Miami, Fl :$3550.00

Houston, TX: $3650.00

Long Beach, CA: $4350.00

Please contact us for any inquiries for shipping to Lagos and one of our representative will quote you accordingly.

Shipping by Air to Lagos: We also offer Air Freight to Lagos International Airport. Our Airfreight rates to Lagos are very competitive as well and We are working directly with Lagos shopping center to make sure your cargo will be safely delivered to you.

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