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Shipping to South Africa from USA


Shipping to South Africa From the USA Need to ship a container to South Africa? Or maybe you need to ship a package via air freight?  Whatever you need, USG Shipping has you covered with convenient air freight shipping to South Africa and container shipping to South Africa. We specialize in shipping goods from the USA to South Africa,…

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We are happy to be in touch with us. Addresses: Office:24404 S Vermont Ave, Harbor City, California, United States of America Warehouse: Carson, California Phone: +1 (310) 326-2200 Fax: +1 (310)-326-2225 WhatsApp: +1 (562) 200-9171 Rate E-Mail: rates@usgshipping.com General Request E-Mail: info@usgshipping.com

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Shipping Boxes Overseas

Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes overseas Are you looking to ship some boxes to overseas?  Are  you purchaseing your items online via Amazon or other sites and would like to save the shipping cost? Here at the USG Shipping Line, we can help you save charges by collecting your boxes and ship a few of them together. Regardless of Air or Ocean,…

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Air Freight Shipping Overseas

Air frieght

Do Do you need an international shipping rate? Regardless of the volume, weight, and type of commodity, we can provide you with a very accurate rate within 24 hours. We can transport your cargo by Air for all the major Airports in the USA or Canada to any International Airports in the World. Our service includes pick up, Air…

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Shipping containers overseas

Shipping Containers overseas

USG dedicate itself for helping you with all your container shipping needs from the USA to overseas. With local agents in 26 different states, we are able to cover you in all the shipping services needed. As much as challenging and complicated it may sound, shipping a container overseas could be a very simple and easy process. It is important to…

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Shipping Cars Overseas

Shipping Cars Overseas

Do you like to know how to ship a car to Overseas and you are looking for a reliable car shipping overseas company? No matter if you are first-time car shipper or you have shipped cars for years, the rules and regulation are exactly the same when it comes to shipping cars overseas. Efficient, safe and timely shipping of automobiles has become an…

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International Shipping Service


With many years of accumulated experiences, USG Shipping is the solution for all your international shipping need. USG is one of the top International Shipping Companies in the US offering the most competitive rates for international container shipping and other modes of international transportation. When it comes to loading, USG offers warehousing services in NJ, NY, FL, TX, and CA. We…

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Shipping from New York

New York

Are you searching for an international shipping company in New York or New Jersey who can handle the transportation of your cargo or even warehousing? Here at USG, we offer this service and provide weekly shipping from NJ and NY. When it comes to export, Newark and New York are the number one in the country as far as…

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Shipping from Miami


If anytime you need to hire an international shipping company in Miami, Florida please consider USG as the expert in the industry.The Port of Miami is the cruise capital of the world. It is the busiest passenger port but it also has a large capacity for cargo shipment. We offer to load, pick up, trucking and other services in Miami….

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Shipping to Indian Ocean From USA

Indian Ocean

As the third-largest Ocean in the World the Indian Ocean covering approximately 20% of the water in the Earth. USG Shipping Line offers shipping services to all the major ports and countries in the Indian Ocean. With weekly flights to most of the island in the Indian Ocean and bi-weekly Ocean freight via consolidation, USG offers a great delivery service. La…

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