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Shipping to Chile


The country of Chile is located in west of South America, the country running along size the continent.  Economically, they are a fairly well off country. Shipping to Chile can be quite easy when using the correct logistic company like USG Shipping Line.

Whether you are shipping package, cars, trucks, or personal goods USG Shipping and offer you a very  low rate. A trusted company with Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and door-to-door service , we offer Full Container Load and Partial Container Load in two sizes we have the 20  footer and 40 footer size container. Please contact USG Shipping if you need a quote for shipping a container to Chile. 


Moving to Chile: 

For Shipping household goods or personal effects, we have the most convenient rates in the market and weekly sailing with the major ocean carriers like Maersk , Hamburg Sud and CCNI and that could be from any place in US to the principals ports in Chile, we can help you with the documentation, and we can help you step by step  in the process from the start till your cargo arrive to the port in Chile.

Please note  because of   the regulations of the Servicio Agricola y Ganadero SAG (UDSA) all the items mast be placed in fumigated Pallets; otherwise the shipment will be held in quarantine once arrive to Chile. This regulation has been enforced by the Chilean government in order to eliminate the transmission of plagues that has been eradicated from the Chiliean lands. 

 The importation of the  used cars in Chile is prohibited , unless that is for an Chilean citizen who returns to the country, that can be use the Arancel Aduanero Pda 00.33 that is very well regulated by Chilean Customs; you need to know that once you are importing  your Household goods, personal effects and car, you need to be at the country to get the cargo released.  Upon your arrival to the country you will  need go to International Police (Policia International) and obtain a document that confirm your time out of  Chile . With this document and copy of the  Released Bill of Lading you go with a Customs Broker (Agente de Aduanas) who will request you sign a power of attorney so they can  process with clearence and the paperwork on your behalf.

Once all the fees including Import tax and duty are paid, the container will be release from the port and you can arrange the pick up of the container. Please note that usually the containers can be out of the port 5 to7 days free, after this time you will be subject to the demurrage fees.  Also note that once the vessel arrives to the port of unloading in Chile, you have around 5 to 10 days free and after this free time your container will start to occure storage charges0 To avoid any extra charges, it is very important that you do your clearence on time and have the container released at the earliest possible.  Please contact directly the Chiliean Customs for any questions that you may have.