Shipping to Gambia from USA

Shipping to Gambia from USA

 Gambia is a country in West Africa. The country is surrounded by Senegal and Atlantic Ocean. Banjul is the Capital and the only port of entry in Gambia. but the largest cities are Serekuna and Brikama . The country was colonized by the United Kingdom until 1965.when Gambia became politically independent. Because of the fertile land, the economy of the country is based by fishing and, farming and tourism. Most of the shipping to Gambia from USA consist on Food, Groceries and Automobiles. 

Shipping to Banjul  :

 Banjul is the main port of entry and largest and capital of Gambia.  There is a weekly shipping service from any ports in the USA to Banjul. Our  Shipping Cargo to Gambia includes Air Freight.


Shipping to Gambia from USA

As of today Delmas , Maersk , Safmarine and ACL offer shipping services from the United States to Gambia. The majorities of Import to Gambia are coming from Europe but in the recent years there was an increase of exporting goods from USA to Gambia. For shipping cars to Gambia , we also offer the roll on roll off services as well as containerized.  

USG Shipping Line offers shipping service to Gambia from all the locations in the US or Canada.With all of connections and contracts, we will offer you a very competitive rate with a reliable steam ship line.  At this time, we offer full container shipping to Gambia, Les then container shipping to Gambia and Airfreight to Gambia. We have weekly shipping service from the East-Coast and West- Coast to Gambia. We will be working with a Gambian Shipping Company once the cargo reaches destination to facilitate the delivery.  International cargo transportation to Gambia is not complicated if you are using USG Team.  Our Shipping to Gambia include :

- Shipping Container to Gambia

- Shipping Cars to Gambia

- Shipping Truck to Gambia 

Please send us your inquiry, If you have any of the above needs  for shipping to Gambia.




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