Shipping to Gabon from USA


Whenever you need to ship a car or any other items to Gabon contact USG Freight.  Since we have direct contact with all the major carriers,  We are able to offer the most reliable service and best rate for all kind of shipping requests to Gabon.  Besides that, we are fully aware of the process for shipping to Gabon. Here at, USG Shipping Line we have French and English Speaking Representative who can help you on your shipping requests. All the Ocean Freight shipments to Gabon enter the country by the port of Libreville.

The Gabonese Republic officially Gabon is a  country on the west coast of Central Africa. Gabon bordered by, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of the Congo on the east and south,  Equatorial Guinea to the northwest and the Gulf of Guinea to the west. Gabon has the highest GDP in Africa and it has defiantly one of the best quality of life in Africa.

Shipping car to Gabon:  With the year allowance keeps changing from 3 to 5 years, Gabon has some of the most restricted cars import regulation. The ro-ro and container service is available for car transportation to Gabon.

Regulation for shipping to Gabon: Shipping to Gabon required BIETC Number. The BIETC number is some sort of tracking for the government of Gabon to know details of the cargo once shipped out. We will take care of all the necessary documents inclining the BIETC number before the sailing date to make sure that you will not meet any issue once the container reaches Gabon. As long as you follow the rules, the shipment will not reach any problem to get customs cleared.  The deadline to add BIETC to the Bill of Lading is 15 days after departure. After that, it will not get accepted by the Customs. In Gabon, we offer shipping service to Libreville and Port Gentile.

Shipping to Libreville: Libreville is the largest and capital of Gabon. It is also the major port of entry and the center of the economy. It has the largest Port and Airport of the country.  The port operation is smooth compared to some of the other ports in Africa.  There is a weekly service for shipping to Libreville out of East or West Coast.

Shipping to Port Gentil: Port Gentil is not the main port of entry but we still offer service to this port as well.

Air Freight to Gabon: Libreville International Airport is the major point of entry for shipping any cargo to Gabon. We can ship your boxes or pallet to the Airport or even deliver to your door. The good thing is the ECTN number is not required for the air shipping to Gabon.

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