Shipping to Equatorial Guinea


Shipping services to Equatorial Guinea

With more than 12 years of experience shipping to Equatorial Guinea and other African countries, USG Shipping knows how to ensure that there are no hidden costs at any time, what you pay before shipping is all that you pay beside the situation that may not be in our control such as US Customs hold and inspection associated fee.

You make sure to properly declare you items for the proper processing through customs. USG offers few shipping options from the US to this country, including air freight shipping and shipping from ocean.

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest countries in African Contain.  It is the only Country in Africa with Spanish as the official language and great news is here at USG we have Spanish speaking customer service to help you with the process. The country has two major port of entries which are Malabo and Bata.  We ship cars, containers and even large equipment to Equatorial Guinea. Malabo is the capital and it is the largest and city in the country. USG Shipping Line offers shipping services the following ports:

Shipping to Malabo 

Shipping to Bata

Please contact us with the details of your need and we will make sure to provide you with the most competitive rate for shipping services to Equatorial Guinea.

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