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Do you need a door to door shipping from the USA to Spain? For affordable shipping overseas to Spain, choose USG Shipping today. That’s because we are the premier provider of container shipments of all kinds and sizes. We can also help if you need to ship a package via air freight to Spain. We specialize in shipping goods to Spain from the USA, exporting anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages.  We can cover you with convenient air freight shipping to Spain and container shipping to Spain, no matter what your need is. Thanks to excellent attention to detail and incredible pricing, USG Shipping makes air freight and ocean shipping super simple. For FAST pricing and response within an hour or two, complete the quote request form above.

We just need the pick-up place, destination and the kind of goods you’re shipping. We will pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada and send it to Spain safely and efficiently. USG Shipping is your trusted shipping provider!

How much to ship to Spain? Spain has major ports throughout its mainland and islands, making it ideal to ship your cargo here by air or ocean freight. The cost of shipping depending on the volume, weight, commodity and origin and full details of the needed service.

Ocean Freight to Spain: Ocean freight to Spain is simple when using the right freight forwarding company. Here at USG, our team can help you with getting a low-cost shipping rate to Spain and. We offer shipments to all the major ports located around Spain (see list below). Cargo services include consolidation, container, Roll-on-Roll-off, and car transportation.

We have containers available for commercial goods and personal effects. USG can help you ship your car and household goods if you’re moving to Spain. We transport your cargo from anywhere in the US to your destination in Spain. Please feel free to contact us for more information and quotes.

USG Shipping offers comprehensive Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Container Load (LCL) from all major US ports to all major Spanish ports. We cater our ocean freight services to the needs of our customers, whether they are commercial accounts or personal shipment. Our services divided into commercial accounts, Individual and households, small businesses, government, NGOs and enterprises. If you’re looking to move to Spain from the US, we can offer you a complete door to door service for your household goods, furniture, vehicles, and other items. If you’re conveniently located near one of our major warehouses across the States, you may bring your items to our facility and we can pack them for you there. If you have a single vehicle that you would like to ship, we can handle it via Roll on Roll off service or we can pack it for you in a private container with your furniture or the vehicle by itself. 

The main ports and  in Spain are:

Shipping to Barcelona

Shipping to Algeciras

Shipping to  Bilbao

Shipping to Valencia

The main dry port is in Madrid! 

Air freight to Spain: Shipping by air to Spain is perfect for your time-sensitive cargo. We can have your cargo picked up, at your door, and delivered to your door in Spain within 10 days. We also have our express option available with 3-5 days of transit time for your international deliveries. Contact us for a competitive quote for air freight to Spain.

Simply give us the dimensions, weight, zip code of the pick-up place in the US, and the postcode in Spain. One of our representatives will handle your quote. Our air freight service covers anything from a few pallets and boxes to an entire chartering of airline cargo. If you’re a manufacturer or a supplier who has consistent shipments to Spain, look no further than USG. We give a one-stop solution for all of your shipping needs. Through our various logistics networks, we can offer a complete door to door service for your commercial items to make sure your timely deliveries and deadlines are met. In addition to our commercial air freight service, we offer large-scale move for performers, trade shows, and specialized event moves.

We also complement our air freight service with our small box express service for people and businesses who have cargo that is too small for freight shipment. If your cargo is below 150 lbs., it will fall under the small box express service. This service consists of a total door to door moves from any point in the US to any point in Spain. Our contractual agreement with FedEx and DHL allows us to offer you a rate that you cannot find anywhere else. Whether you’re moving to Spain or you’re buying a gift for loved ones, give us a call with the dimensions of your product and we can give you a same-day quote and same-day shipment.

International Airports in Spain:

Madrid Airport

Barcelona International Airport

Palma De Mallorca Airport

Malaga Airport

Commodity and Manufactured Goods

Spain boasts a balanced trade economy with slightly more imports than exports at $300 billion and $270 billion, respectively. The top import commodities for Spain include cars and car parts, packaged medication, refined petroleum, and commercial trucks. Spain’s largest exports consist of autos and auto parts, crude petroleum, packaged med, cation, and petroleum gas.  Spain, in Southern Europe, bordered by Morocco, France, and Portugal, is one of only three countries to span both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines in Europe.

Regardless of the challenges associated with moving large equipment and cargo to Spain, you can rest assured our team of professionals will do an excellent job on your shipment! Call for a quote today!

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