Shipping to Ukraine from USA

If you need overseas shipping to Ukraine from USA, USG Shipping is your first call. We take care of all the details for low-cost container shipments of all types and sizes, from household goods to cars. Whether you need air freight or ocean freight to Ukraine, we will pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada and safely deliver it to the specified destination. When you fill out our quote form, have your pick-up location handy, as well as the type of goods and destination, so we can generate a prompt estimate for you. USG Shipping is a proven shipper of anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages. When it comes to convenient air freight shipping to Ukraine or container shipping to Ukraine, we can handle the process with attention to detail and incredible pricing that won’t break the bank. Complete the quote form now for speedy pricing and a response from us within an hour or two upon request. USG offers both air and ocean transportation to any major port in Ukraine. We ship cars, household goods, packages, and containers.
Shipping car to Ukraine:  USG offer weekly container shipping from USA to Ukraine and that include 4 cars loading per container. We offer the service from Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Miami, Savannah, and Newark. When providing us the car shipping document for the shipping to Ukraine, make sure to not have any false or misleading information as such could cause the seizure of your car by the US Customs.  There are 21 to 30 days free storage for multiple cars shipping to Ukraine which allow customers to buy cars without having the pressure. For vehicle shipping or container shopping to Ukraine, please get in touch today for a free rate quote.

Shipping container to Ukraine:  Container shipments are always the most cost-effective way of shipping internationally and the same will apply to any container leaving from the USA to Ukraine.  The cost depends on the zip code where the empty container will get loaded along with the type of cargo and time required for loading. When the origin of the shipment is on the west coast of USA, USG offers the pickup, packing and loading service for the personal and household goods shipment.  For a container getting shipped from the USA  west coast the transit time is almost 50 days.

Shipping by Air to Ukraine: To ship to Ukraine by air, we will need the exact volume and weight of the cargo along with the origin. Your cargo to Ukraine gets shipped by one of the major airlines and land initially at Kyiv International Airport( IATA: KBP). The document required to clear the customs for an air shipment to Ukraine is Airway Bill, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Import Permit if such required. The import duty for air cargo is getting calculated right on the spot and you allowed to pick up your cargo once all duties and taxes paid off!

Here are the locations in Ukraine where we offer shipping services:

Shipping to Kyiv, Ukraine: The word Kyiv comes from old Slavic background and the city is most populated in Ukraine and capital of the country. It is also the center of industrial and education. Since Kyiv is not connected directly to the ocean or sea any container shipment gets transported from Odesa but if by air the cargo could be delivered to the international airport. The door delivery in Kyiv is possible for smaller shipment that goes with our courier service.

Shipping to Odesa: When shipping to Ukraine from the USA via ocean the container lands in Odesa port.  After separating from the Union Soviets, all the major ocean freight carrier like Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM have invested in their quality of schedules and transit time reaching Odessa.  The port expected to expand since the current yearly capacity of 42 million tons can’t handle all the traffic. The terminals in Odessa ports are for containerized and roll on roll off ships.

Restriction for Shipping to Ukraine: Ukraine, an Eastern European Country, bordered by Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. It is the largest landmass in Europe aside from Russia, its neighboring country. The Port of Odesa is the biggest Ukrainian seaport and the biggest port in the Black Sea basin, allowing direct access to railways. This provides a quick transfer of cargo from sea routes to ground transportation. Rail transport in Ukraine plays a major role as it connects to major urban areas, port facilities and industrial centers with its neighboring countries. This makes shipping your freight much easier.

There is no current sanction for shipping to Ukraine as long as the destination is in Ukraine.  As far as Ukraine customs regulation, such has to be verified before shipping your items to make sure that cargo is not prohibited to enter the country. You can also make sure the amount you possibly have to pay for the import duty. Please check the import regulations with the Ukraine Customs and the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington DC.

Update 2019: The shipping to Ukraine is not suspended if cargo in the USA or Canada!
Update 2022: Due to current situation services has been suspended to Ukraine, But USG will give discount through Poland.

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