Shipping to Russia from USA

Shipping to Russia from USA

Russia is the largest country in the world with ports of entries throughout the country. Russia extends across entirely of northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe. USG Shipping offers shipping service to all the seaports in Russia including shipping service to Moscow.

USG Shipping has a variety of shipping options, 20ft & 40ft Containers and LCL & FCL from anywhere in the US to Russia. We also offer Airfreight shipping to the Moscow and St Petersburg International Airport. We can offer a great quote on shipping your goods from the US. Please contact a member of our team for rates, bookings and inquiries.

Shipping Containers

The container shipping is an option for Russia if your shipment is large enough however the customs Yard service is only available for some of the main inland cities such as Moscow.
The service to any port is available via full container load. If your cargo is not restricted, we can offer container shipping to Russia either from West Coast or East Coast.

Shipping by Air to Russia:

USG Shipping Line also offers air freight shipping to the Moscow or any other International Airports. We can pick up your boxes or packages from any place in the US or Canada and ship them with the next flight to Russia. Please contact one of our team members for rates, bookings, and inquiries for the air freight. When shipping small boxes to Russia using USPS, please check our courier rate which is 70% discounted. The transit time is 5 to 10 days, and you can track your cargo upon pick up.

Please see below the list of the location where offer Container or Consolidation Services in Russia:

– Shipping to St Petersburg

– Shipping to Vladivostok

– Shipping to Novorossiysk

– Shipping to Kaliningrad

– Shipping to Moscow

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