Shipping to Hungary


 Shipping to Hungary from US

USG Shipping is your premier expert in shipping overseas to Hungary from the US, and we are your trusted providers of container shipments of all kinds and sizes, with the resources to ship your package via air freight or ocean freight to Hungary from anywhere in the US or Canada. When you’re looking for hassle-free air freight or ocean shipping, look to us for help. We offer unparalleled rates on air freight shipping to Hungary and container shipping to Hungary. Our friendly team will help you send anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages to vehicles. When filling out our quote form, be sure to have your pick-up place, destination and the type of goods ready to go. This is what we need to give you a fast, correct estimate. USG Shipping is your source for exact pricing and quick responses.  Give us a call for the best quote on your shipment. All freight varies depending on the size and destination city. We can give you a great quote on your shipment to Hungary. There are many freight options available whether you’re looking for a regular 20’ container or a less than container load.  If items are your personal items and shipping from the west coast in the US, USG team can offer the pickup, packing and loading service from your door however the same services are available from the other side of the country at our loading docks!

Shipping boxes to Hungary 

For smaller shipment, We also offer air freight shipping to Hungary.  USG provides air freight service to either Budapest International Airport or even your door. The service includes the pickup, handling, documentation, air freight, and door delivery. The customs duty if such applies is not included in our quote. We offer door to door delivery for Airfreight and our rate is very competitive if you ask for such.  The service is door to door or door to the airport.

Shipping car to Hungary: Since there is no sea-port in Hungary if car shipped via ro-ro it will be picked in Bremen Haven. Some customer prefers other ports like Antwerp to pick up their car when Hungary is the destination but mostly like to ship the car loaded into the container to Hungary.

Our shipping service to Hungary from us  includes:

– Cargo to Hungary: That includes any type of cargo as long as its legally allowed being exported from the US!

– Shipping to Budapest: The boxes or pallets could be delivered to Budapest either via air or Ocean. The city is the main dry port in the country where ocean container could be cleared. Also, the main international airport is also in Budapest.

Customs Process when shipping to Hungary: Please check the import and tax regulation for importing goods to Hungary at Hungary Customs. You can also check the latest regulations with the Hungary Embassy in Washington DC. Contact us today for a quote if you need to ship to Hungary.  Some customers prefer to pick up their container in Germany but we can always prefer door delivery in Budapest.  For any commercial items if delivered to a commercial address in Hungary USG can deliver the cargo to the door regardless of the city!

Hungary, a country in Central Europe, borders Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. It’s home to 10 million people and is a member of the European Union.  Budapest is the capital and largest city of the country. Our agent in Germany will transit your cargo either to your door or the customs yard in Budapest.

We will help you choose what option best fits your specific cargo needs to Hungary and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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