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If you are faced with shipping a container or a package to Jamaica via air freight, USG Shipping is the one to count on. Enjoy the convenience and seamless process of our air freight shipping to Jamaica and container shipping to Jamaica. We can transport anything you need, from a single package to multi-container shipments. Shipping goods from the USA to Jamaica is just what we do. As one of the top three shipping companies to Jamaica, we are ready to offer you the most competitive rate. For fast, accurate pricing on your air freight shipping to Jamaica and ocean freight shipping to Jamaica, complete the quote form above. We just require the pick-up location, final destination and the type of stuff you’re planning on shipping. We typically respond to requests for quotes within an hour. We offer weekly container shipping to Jamaica from all the ports in the US.  We are able to pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada, making air freight and ocean shipping simple and stress-free. Ready to learn more about shipping overseas to Jamaica? Call us now.

Shipping Container to Jamaica:  

With a weekly shipment from all the US ports, USG provides a very short transit time to Jamaica.  If the container needs to be shipped from Los Angeles or San San Francisco it can be either rail to Houston or ship directly via the Panama Canal. The size of the container is 20, 40 and 45 footer. Also, Flat Rack and other special types of containers are available in case your cargo require such!
Price for shipping a container to Jamaica is $1600 to $2900 from the ports in USA West coast!

Shipping to Kingston:

 Kingston, located in the southeastern portion of the country, is the capital and largest city of Jamaica. It’s also a bustling coastal city. The Kingston harbor is one the largest port in the world and as of 2018, it is considered the 7th as far as size!

Barrels to Kingston:

People in Jamaica use barrels for storage purpose as well as shipping. We get your barrels to Kingston for a low price with no hassle, offering two sizes: 12 cubic feet and 18 cubic feet. Our special rate for shipping barrels to Jamaica is for the larger barrel size.

4* Barrels for $800.00 from our Terminals in the US 

Cost for shipping 8* Barrels only  $1500.00

Cost For 12*Barrels only $2000 



Shipping to Montego Bay:

 Montego Bay is the second largest city located on the northwestern coast of Jamaica. We offer competitive rates for full container shipping to Jamaica. USG Shipping also offers an extensive network and inexpensive prices for shipping loose freight to Jamaica. Our most popular service for shipping to Jamaica is in the form of shipping barrels. Shipping barrels to Montego Bay is easy with USG Shipping. We get your barrels to Montego Bay safely.  See below the current rate for Barrels to Montego Bay: *Minimum quantity of barrels. Some exclusions apply. Price based on 55-gallon barrel.

The terminal in the US Ground Ocean Freight
Los Angeles and all other terminals in the US to Montego Bay 4 Barrels $900
San Francisco and all other terminals in the US to Montego Bay 8 Barrels $1600
Miami and all other terminals in the US origins to Montego Bay 12 Barrel $2300

Schedules and transit time for shipping to Jamaica

–  From Miami, Florida with weekly container shipping with six different ocean freight carrier. The ships sail from Miami and Port Everglades. There is also ro-ro from Port Everglades and Jacksonville. The consolidation service departure every seven days! Transit time is only 5 to 10 days!

–  Out of California,   with  Weekly containerized vessel departure from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Transit time is 18 to 27 days!

–  From New York with seven sailing per week from the port of Newark, NJ, and New York. There is two roll on roll off Vessels every two weeks from Bayonne, NJ. Transit time is 7 to 14 days!

– Shipping to Jamaica from Maryland with three sailing every week from Baltimore Port.  Out of Maryland, the options are less than container loaded, full container load, roll on roll off and air freight.

When choosing USG to handle your shipment to Jamaica, please clarify if you need any assistance at the arrival because the initial service is only to the port from where you will need to handle your clearance and destination charges.

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About Jamaica

Jamaica, located in the Caribbean Sea, is an island country home to two major ports: Kingston and Montego Bay. The country imports mostly from the United States and enjoys well- negotiated trade agreements with the world’s major powers such as the European Union, Canada, and the U.S.

Importing to Jamaica (Some regulations): Jamaica is a member of the Caribbean Community and uses the Common External Tariff. Also called CET, this is a trade group of English-speaking countries in the Caribbean. The CET tariff is based on the Harmonized Commodity description and coding system. If you need more information on trade agreements, visit the Government of Canada Web Site.  Import duties in Jamaica are generally based on an ad valorem basis and range between 15 and 20 percent for all items except for a small number of commodities, which are duty exempt or require a higher rate of duty. On top of import duties under the CET, there is a 16.5% General Consumption Tax (GCT) which is payable on the combined value of CIF and import duty. The GCT is basically a value-added tax charged on all transactions for goods and services unless there is an exemption or it has been rated as zero. There are other fees as well, including the Customs Administration Fee which replaces the Customs User Fee. There is also a Standard Compliance Fee of 0.3%, plus an Environmental Levy at 0.5% and Stamp Duty.

 Almost everything can be imported to Jamaica with no issues except for items requiring a specific import license, such as meats, some animals, vegetables, and fruits, pharmaceuticals, tires, radios, some vehicles, firearms, and ammunition. There are banned items, as well, and these include drugs, dog racing equipment, and pornographic material, which can lead to jail time for the importer.   United State is the first exporter to Jamaica.

To clear the customs, the receiver must bring proof of identification, and TAX registration number and also the amount required for duty.

You may need to check the rules and regulations with the Jamaica Customs Agency prior to booking your container to make sure that your shipment will be cleared upon arrival.

Ready for a price quote on overseas shipping to Jamaica? Fill out our quote form today and we make sure to provide you the cost of shipping to Jamaica along with any necessary information for that.

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