Shipping to Guinea Conakry


There are not many shipping companies with knowledge of shipping service to Guinea but USG proudly offers this service with a long history of shipping to Guinea. Guinea is a country in West Africa. It called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish from Guinea- Bissau and Equatorial Guinea.  It borders Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast. Conakry is the largest city, Capital and only port of entry in Guinea.

USG Shipping Line offers fast, Cheap and safe shipping services from any locations in the US or Canada to Guinea. Please contact one of our sales associates to find the cost of shipping your cargo to Guinea-Conakry. We offer full container, Consolidation and Airfreight services to Guinea-Conakry.  USG ship to Conakry in a weekly base and always make sure to provide the most competitive rate.

There are 3 ports in Guinea- Conakry but at this time Conakry is the only operative port for container shipment. Please see the list of the ports in Guinea-Conakry:

Shipping to Boke

Shipping to Conakry

Shipping to Kamsar 

USG is one of the top shipping company for Shipping Cargo to Conakry.  Our company was recognized by local agencies and Port authority.  When shipping to Conakry, please be attentive to the local customs rules and regulation.

Please make sure to check all the rules and regulation for shipping to Conakry before shipping there as the situation may get complicated if shipping is not done properly.

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